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Being your OWN best friend!

June 2011~PinupMama xox

When you are younger you want everyone to be your best friend, especially the "cool" crowd. When you are a teenager you are attached to your friends by the hip, yes even guys are, except perhaps not the hip lol Then in your college years you find a few good souls you  might consider being a forever friend and then realize yeah they were there for the moment. Friends come and go but you know who always stays-----YOU!

You are always with yourself so you will never not show up to a show or leave yourself hanging or forget to call yourself. Get the picture? Since you are with yourself all the time should we all attempt to embrace that and celebrate it by making yourself your very own best friend! Why not? You will always have a shopping buddy, someone who is honest with, and you'll never be lonely--not truly.

When I was nineteen years old I decided I was sick and tired of people disappointing me so I got my things together and took the 6 train down to Astor Place in Greenwich Village but we simply refer to it "the village". So there I was alone (or so it seemed) and no clue as to where I was going to eat or what I was going to do.

I found eating alone to be the most difficult because I am a conversationalist by nature because I do enjoy sharing a meal with someone. Other than that spending the day with myself was enjoyable and not once did I disappoint myself. I went to the bookstore, sat in Washington Square Park and would journal and people watch. I love taking in the moment and just people watching----don't you?

Washington Square Park

The very first movie I saw by myself was "Dangerous Minds"  in 1995 starring Michelle Pfeiffer. I remember liking the fact that no one was talking to me while I watched the movie which happens to be a huge pet peeve of mine. I like focusing on the film in front of my and taking in every moment including the previews and the credits. But I enjoyed my own company which I felt was a special gift I was giving to myself.

I am not saying that being alone is always a good thing or that I prefer being alone. But I taught myself how to enjoy my own company on my own terms. I took action when I saw that the people who called themselves "my friend" really we just passing through my life.

If at any point of your life you have a handful or just two true blue friends then count yourself blessed. People today I find are content with having a billion people on their facebook and sharing their whole lives with them, but none of them spend time with you or really care if you are having a rotten day. 

I have learned (and in some ways still learning) that its easy to be a "one day out of the year" friend but what we all deserve is a 365 a day friend. Someone who supports us sincerely and is there when we cry our hearts out and who is honest with us when we need to hear the truth.

During this phase of my life I am learning that many of the people I called a friend for fifteen or twenty years are no longer true blue---perhaps they never were---I am unsure. But especially now that I am working on creating a balance between my home life and my pinup life, I have realized that I do have some amazing friends. Even if they live in England or just across the bridge---the fact is they love me exactly for who I am and encourage me to be the best I can be. They also love my family and my children love them, which for me is a huge sign of love and respect.

I am my OWN best friend too! I love myself,  I enjoy my own company, and I love both parts that make me the human before you (both spirit and body). I like me.

Although this specific journey has just begun, I have found a a few incredible people whom I have never met who have been kind, supportive, loving, honest, and best of all true to the definition of friendship. I have never met them in person and I may never but the kindness of strangers does exist. To them and all to all of you who support me when I have had my rough times and those who are there to cheer me when I have fabulous times-it does not go unnoticed. I count my blessings and am deeply grateful.


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