Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Name but Always a Pinup Mama!

Rita Moreno Circa 1950's

So why the name change? Some of you might have noticed the my facebook fan page was no longer visible to well, my fans.  It all started last week on Tuesday, August 9th. I thought that no one was going on my page and didn't consider that there was anything to worry about especially with the weekend ahead being jam packed with guests and activities. But Saturday night after my sons Baptismal celebrations were completed, I checked my page and still no activity-I thought to myself, "something wrong is going on here!"

I contacted facebook several times and only received two messages from them that were computer generated. Two things concerned me; that I was no longer going to be able to connect with people directly who are involved in the pinup/vintage world and also that all the connections I worked so hard to get would all be lost.

Monday morning came and literally within minutes of my best friend leaving to complete the rest of his trip, I got online (7 am to be exact)  and I started plugging along trying to figure out what is happening and what I can do about it.

Now I don't know if  you have realized this yet but I am NOT one to give up easily. Its not because I am stubborn because actually I am not stubborn at all, but its because I have never given up at anything and I will NOT start that awful practice now.

Thanks to the supportive ears of my husband and my online friend Button (who also has a fabulous blog-click on her name and find out more about her!) who both helped me clear my head so I could allow my magical muse to come to me and inspire my next move.

I then decided not to leave it in facebook's hands and take action of my own little pinup empire and cancel my fan page and start a regular facebook page. Now one of the suspicions Button and I had was that there is a clothing store named pinupmama and perhaps, just perhaps that had something to do with it. So to protect my interests I now separate my Pinup Mama name and all in all I do still consider myself a Pinup Mama.

I think all women who are moms and also pinups are a Pinup Mama. But I couldn't use that name for my new facebook page because well they don't consider that a name (what a pain right?!!) I knew taking the name Pinup Mama was more of a statement rather than a pinup name so I then began researching names I liked from classic film stars whose work I particularly enjoyed. And then I came up with Bunny Moreno (click on my name here and you will get yourself to my new page!!).

To be honest between you and me and a few dozen..or hundred people I never wanted to take up a pinup identity. I wanted the name I had to represent who I am not something I am not. I want you all to be able to relate to me and not feel like I am some made  up cartoon or something. But alas the social creature inside of me reared its pretty head and said, "Mama its better now than two years from now...do it already!" So I did.

Why Bunny? Bunny is the name my husband calls me in private. Well its not so private anymore but it does have a lot of meaning to me. I also call my daughter Bunny so were hear it around the house often. I wear a necklace that my husband gave to me for Mother's Day before my youngest was born.

"Mothers Loving Care Necklace" from Red Envelope

I am always wearing it so I am sure there are a few photos of myself wearing it here on my blog. The necklace represents me being the mama bunny with my three little bunnies...so cute! My last name was inspired by the ever so talented and amazing Rita Moreno whose from Puerto Rico~where my family is from. Also "Moreno" means black and well my hair is black so I thought how fitting. I get to pay homage to this multi-talented artist and express a little of who I am.

Now I have a new name, Bunny Moreno, but I will always be a Pinup Mama! Feel free to call me "Bunny" or "Mama" I respond to both. And now after all this drama with facebook I feel accomplished and confidant that I just wont let anything get in my way!!!



  1. Love the way you came up with your name Bunny!
    I've called myself Beccie Bombshell, but yours is so much more fun and has so much more meaning!

  2. I love that name. LOL, my husband calls me "Tuna" due to the show Tuna Wranglers....not a very good pin up name! :P

  3. Thank you gals-so happy you like it! Yeah!! xox


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