Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Celebrating Pinup Mamas: Lucy Anne Riggs

My third installment of my Pinup Mama Series is my beautiful and freaking awesome friend, Lucy Anne Riggs. She is a full-time mama to two punkins (as she calls them), work full time at night, crafts by day that she sells at LucyAnnePinupShop, and is an amazing woman all around.

I truly admire her strength, sense of humor, and perseverance. She is a woman of great character, devoted to her loved ones, and incredibly insightful. Like me, she is a nurturer by heart and really enjoys pouring her affections on those close to her heart.

What can I say? This Pinup Mama simply ROCKS!
        Miss Lucy Anne Riggs

What attracted you to the world of pinup?
When I was a kid I was always fascinated by looking at old photo albums my Mom had of my Gramma and our family from the 40's and 50's. Everyone looked so elegant and so sophisticated. Women were real women dressed like every day was Sunday in their finest attire. They presented themselves in such a way that just took my breath away. It looked so effortless. The men were always so dapper looking as well. People truly cared about looking their best and how they presented themselves. As I grew into my teens my fondness of these albums grew. My Grandmother passed when I was 12 and this was my way to stay close to her. I continued to fall in love with that era through the eyes of my Gramma and generations past. I would find myself day dreaming about how my family lived and the fashions and mannerisms they had. This affair has lasted to this day. It only grows more and more, as I wish more and more, that things would revert back a little to those simple times.

Why did you choose pinup?
I chose pinup because of what it stands for. I am already in love with the women of that time. To me a pinup girl stands for strength and confidence. A respectful girl with a little devilish side. She boasts  a confidence that makes other gals scream..."I want to be that girl!"

Who are your inspirations (pinup world)?
For me my inspirations are mostly other pinup Mamas and real life gals. I adore a new upcoming model named Magenta Costley. To me not only is she a beautiful girl on print, but in real life too. I love scouring the Internet for old photos from the 40's and 50's of just every day normal girls looking the part.
Lucy Anne's Gramma

How do you manage balancing the world of motherhood and the world of pinup?
For me it can be tough to balance things. I work a full time job on the night shift. I also work my crafts during the day for my new Etsy store. I make pinup props and rockabilly accessories. I have a large old farmhouse with acres of gardens that can be tedious to maintain. In addition to that I am a Mamma first. I am involved with my children's school activities, sports and I help with girl scouts. I am a hands on Mom. Those things always come first before the pinup stuff. It can be hard to fit it in. Thankfully I am great at multi-tasking and have an amazing man who helps out and backs me.

What do you want to gain by being a pinup?
I can honestly say pinup has changed me as a person. My past was not a good one. I was in a bad marriage of sever domestic abuse for almost 9 years. It left me with no self worth or confidence. I struggled in life with depression for 8 years after that. Living almost in a robotic trance. I turned to those old family photographs. It seemed to be what snapped me out of my dark spells. To see the happiness on their faces and the closeness of "family" I knew things had to change for me if I were to give my kids that same kind of family. My Aunt had given me some new pictures she had of my Gramma. These I had never seen before. She was doing all these wonderful pinup poses and looked like a Hollywood starlet to me. That's what I wanted to be doing! I knew then this was going to get ME back.

What ways have you changed because of it?
When I first decided I was going to push ahead to do this a few thoughts came to mind. Am I crazy? How am I going to make this work? Being the artist that I am I decided I was going to kill two birds with one stone. This was the perfect opportunity for me to kick start my art. I hadn't done it since my early twenties. I knew I wasn't at the comfort level yet to be photographed by someone. I scouted out some areas I thought would photograph well. I got myself dolled up in my vintage best, set my camera tripod up with the timer....and the rest is in print. I couldn't believe the images I created of myself. I just wanted to do more and more. My confidence in not only my art, but in myself rose to the highest levels. I can honestly say the experience gave me a new outlook on life.
Lucy Anne and her punkins
(I LOVE this picture, don't you!!??)

Being a mother is filled with daily sacrifices (as well as joys), in what ways have you sacrificed in order to become a pinup?
There is a certain pull when doing this. You have to give a little to get. When it comes to my family there are never any sacrifices. They usually come from self indulgent things. I sacrifice new clothes and opt for thrift store finds and department store clearance racks(in my opinion I usually score better anyway with the styles I am looking for). We don't go out to eat as much or spend gobs of money on frivolous things trying to keep up with the Joneses. Our money is spent on paying off debts, and staying home to eat or watch movies. We find creative ways to have fun on a budget. Garage salin', thrift store shopping and antique finds are how its done in this family. I wouldn't have it any other way. I would rather be surrounded by objects from the past that tell a story than new items with no character.

To me those aren't really sacrifices. In doing these things it has actually brought my family closer. Keeps us all grounded and grateful for everything we have in life. I feel better about myself and in turn I am better able to take care of my family. We live simple and we like that. I sometimes have to sacrifice the professional photos because, lets face it, it cost an arm and a leg to shoot with the best. I am actually just now able to go to my first professional shoot coming up in a few weeks. My self portraits so far may not be of the same quality but I still like them. Its the real me.

When it comes to sexy pin up modeling, how does your husband/partner react?
My guy 100 percent backs me. He understands the journey I have taken in life with gaining my self worth back. He loves the confident woman I have become and he adores the pictures. He is supportive of my pages on different websites. If a guy happens to comment on one of my pics he never ever gets jealous, but instead gets a prideful grin and says....oh yeah that's MY girl :)

What advice do you have for other aspiring Pinup Mamas?
My advice for any girl thinking of doing this? Well, I want to say jump right in, but I won't. I found it better after I first did some research. As with anything you need some knowledge on it. Ease into it if your nervous. Perhaps take some self portraits and study your own expressions and poses. After your first photo shoot you will soon be wanting more and more. The confidence you gain is outstanding! Just remember that any girl, any shape, size or color can be a pinup girl. That's the best part about it!

Thank you Lucy Anne for being an inspiration to me and to all women out there. Thank you for always being so support of me and cheering me on when I want to give up. You are truly a genuine and beautiful person. I am blessed to know you!

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