Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vintage Hair Tutorials

Vintage Hairstyles of the 1940's

So I decided that this weekend I will try my hand (again) at the mysterious and often frustrating Victory Rolls. I have realized after trying them a few times that the reason why they are so difficult for me to do is because my hands don't have enough strength to have a strong grip. That has been my problem with my hot rollers as well. Mental Note: Must use my sponge rollers more often!

Here are some dandy tutorials that I have been studying:

A Newsreel promoting practical hairstyles during the War.

Veronica Lake's hairstyle was gorgeous! They even created this peekaboo style for the cartoon character "Jessica Rabbit". Unfortunately it wasn't a practical hair-do to have. That's where promotional reels and magazines came in--helping to inform women, especially the women working in factories of various hairstyles they can wear that were still feminine yet practical.

Made by Fleur de Guerre  , from her blog is Diary of a Vintage Girl

I love how simply she does it and best yet I love how natural her hair looks-frizz and all! Well that's how my hair looks except its thicker. I feel confident that with this tutorial I will get some Victory Rolls in my hair in no time!

Vintage Hair Tips by LisaFreemontStreet

If you ever wondered what you needed to start working on some Vintage Hair-do's this tutorial will show you. What I also like is that she mentions having your hair cut in layers to help you achieve the vintage look.

LisaFreemontStreet's tutorial on
Reverse Victory Rolls-super cute!

Honestly, I like all the tutorials out there but what I find endearing about Fleur's was that she did it with her hair in its natural state which is the way women did it in the 1940's. I like the naturalness of that approach.  I think when people are recreating these looks they tend to try and make everything perfect. I, myself have fallen into that category.

I have to remind myself that back then those were real people with just some rollers, bobby pins, hairspray, and maybe a hair rat. A Hair Rat is basically a tube that adds support and volume to any hairstyle especially the Victory Rolls. You should be able to find them in any beauty supply store. I haven't ordered one yet but its defiantly on my to-do list!

My final video is about 1940's Guide to Glamour. I think much has been lost in our time--many women do not care for themselves or take pride in what they are wearing. Not much mystery is left when you look at what women wear and heaven forbid if a women acts in a lady-like manner!

Its easy to get caught up in current styles, swear like a sailor (yes I am guilty of that-so NOT lady-like at all!), or forget that being a woman is something that should be celebrated in every way. This video captures that essence. If you are a feminists the chances of you being offended by it are high but take it with a grain of salt. There is something to be said with the way women were taught to carry themselves.

Enjoy!    xox

This video is from glamourdaze from Youtube.
They have lots of fantastic videos-what treasures they are!


  1. Wish I lived closer so that I could help you roll your hair. :( I love the vintage hairstyles. Woman didn't just throw their hair back in ponytails like I do everyday. You definitely have great hair to pull off the vintage styles.

    Thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed this post.


  2. Oh I wish too! Although I will be in your neck of the woods for my photo shoot Sept 26th! Hahah the ponytail look is so my look too hehehe Thanks for the hair compliment-my only bummer is that I have all these annoying white hair springing about everywhere heheh My hairdresser said its too soon to dye-its such a committment too-damn pigment leaving my folicals hehe Glad you liked it..more to come!! HUGS!


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