Thursday, September 22, 2011

Celebrating Pinup Mamas: Button Rios-Sherman

My final installment of my Pinup Mama Series goes to Miss Button Rios-Sherman. She is a multi-tasker extraordinaire! She is the mother of five children, a the blogger of She Wears Spectacles, designer of pinup hair accessories, and an amazing cook (that's what I have heard and I have my fork ready when I visit California hehe). Believe it or not but Button also home schools her children! Yes, can we say amazing?!! I think we all can.

Button also finds the time to also be a supportive friend, devoted wife, and dedicated to her family in every way. I admire her ability to focus on the positive and leave the negative at the curb.

Her blog is filled with inspiration and she always make herself available to her readers. Button is her namesake-she is as cute as a button and super duper nice!!

Miss Button Rios-Sherman

What attracted you to the world of pinup? Why did you choose to be a pinup?
I remember growing up and my grandpa had some old pinup pictures from when he was in Korea. I always thought they were just stunning women. Through the years visiting various military museums and seeing them painted on fighter planes just made me love them even more. I would love to be a pinup because, I love the glamour of it all. You can be sensual and alluring and still have clothes on.

Who are your inspirations (pinup world)?
Well, as cliche as it may sound Betty Paige is my number one inspiration. She was one of the first truly black haired woman I ran across when discovering pinup. Also, a young Rita Moreno. So very beautiful and curvy.
Button looking beautiful!

How do you manage balancing the world of motherhood and the world of pinup?
I have yet to have proper photo's done but, I am will just balance itself out naturally like all my endeavors tend to. With five kids it's like holding fine china while roller skating. While it sounds hard, it can be done.

What do you want to gain by being a pinup? (do you want to inspire, help others, self esteem..etc)Being plus size lady, I'd like to inspire others who are to love their bodies and embrace them. That is my main goal, and well obviously get some good clothes in the process.

What ways have you changed because of it?
I think I am more confident now. AS my husband says I have gained a DGAF attitude. I could care less any more what people think of my weight and shape because I have grown to love it.

Button makes hair accessories-check them out at

Being a mother is filled with daily sacrifices (as well as joys), in what ways have you scarified in order to become a pinup?
I don't see any of it as sacrifice as much as a journey. Nothing has been sacrificed for me.

When it comes to sexy pin up modeling, how does your husband/partner react?
My husband is supportive of it. He thinks it's about time I have learned to love all my curves!

What advice do you have for other aspiring Pinup Mamas?
Don't try and be someone else. Draw inspiration and but your own twist on it. Be funky, be fun and laugh a lot.

Thank you Button for being a part of my Pinup Mama Series. Thank you for keeping it real and honest and for always being a sweetheart. I really appreciate it!


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