Friday, September 30, 2011

Post Adventures~Philly!

Leaving Celeste's studio

My magical afternoon with Celeste Giuliano had ended and my friend Rocio and I met up with my husband who was patiently waiting for me. I loved the look on his face when he saw me-his eyes popped out! I loved it!

We headed straight for our cheese steak sandwiches at Pats King of Steaks and then at  Geno's to decide which we liked best. My husband and I must have seen a dozen or more shows about these two cheese steak places and it was like a foodie dream come true for us to be there.
Right before we stopped at Pats for our sandwich

Genos sandwich with provolone cheese

Which will I choose?

Geno's had the softest bread and the provolone cheese went really well with the meat--it was defiantly tasty. BUT Pat's won hands down!

I enjoyed every bite!!

Pat's to my palette was more savory and I loved having the cheese melted. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised that I would like Cheez Whiz. I  don't think I have had that since I was a kid, a few moons ago lol

WWII Weekend Flyer

Right above where we sat was this flyer for The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum WWII Weekend which is an event I recently discovered online. After seeing it here I figured its meant to be! Hoping to at least spend one full day at that event and dress up 1940's style from head to toe!

Feeling amazing!

All in all it was a spectacular day spent with amazing people and loved ones. I learned a great deal which always makes me happy. One important thing I realized for myself is that you really have to be pleased with the body and face that you have at this very moment. Its important to focus on the postives of what you look like and not on the negatives. If there are some things you can change then its something to work on little by little. Otherwise being content with the shape you are in actually builds more confidance. The more confidance built the happier you are with yourself and in my case the more amazing the photos will be.  I couldn't be happier with where I am personally in my life  and look forward to many more adventures and many more photo shoots!
Thank you for your support!! xox

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