Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: Three Guys Named Mike

"Three Guys Names Mike" (1951)

A rare thing happened the other day. My daughter didn't nag me when I decided to put on TCM instead of Nick Jr--wow--I kept waiting to hear her complaints but alas not a peep, so I went ahead and began watching a movie I have never seen before called, "Three Guys Named Mike".

"Three Guys Named Mike" Trailer (1951)

It starred Jane Wyman as Marcy Lewis who was a flight attendant for American Airlines. American Airlines actually paid for the advertisement of this movie and everyone won out in the end. The airlines was being filmed in a movie and the movie was able to use the planes while filming.

It also starred the quirky Van Johnson, the ever-so-yummy Howard Keel, and tall, dark, and handsome Barry Sullivan. Marcy ends up meeting three different men named Mike. Each takes a liking to her fumbling ways and you watch Marcy delight in each of them. What was intriguing is how easily each of these men fell for Marcy. I think its because she was a simple girl both in personality and looks. What made her stand out is that she was authentically herself. It appeals not only to the three Mike's but to everyone else around her as well.

Marcy acts as if she is friends with each of them and on their perspective dates you see a small glimpse into how she might actually feel about them and then she leaves you wondering. My eyes were peeled to my television screen the whole time wondering who Marcy was going to choose.

The end was surprising to me and NO I will not tell you who she chooses. Although I must admit I was beginning to have a crush on all the leading men!

I learned after I watched the film that stewardesses became Kiwis when they got married. A Kiwi is a non-flying bird. This meant after marriage the no longer were able to be a stewardess. It was a bit shocking to read this but it also reminded me that at one time that female teachers were no longer allowed to teach after they were married as well. Wild huh?

Jane Wyman

I learned something else after I finished watching this film--Jane Wyman was the first Mrs. Ronald Reagan! They were married from 1940 to 1948 and Jane claimed it was politics that got in between their marriage. They had three children together. He was actually the only President of the United States of America to have been divorced.

What I found ironic was that Jane looks a great deal like Nancy Reagan, don't you agree? Also if you didn't know, both Ronald and Nancy Reagan were former Hollywood actors!

Ronald and Nancy Reagan

This film is delightful to watch and it will leave you curious to find out which guy named Mike is the lucky guy who steals Marcy's heart! Enjoy!

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