Thursday, September 29, 2011

Adventures in Pinuping: Part Two

Philly is around the corner!

So if you guessed that we made it to my photo shoot with Celeste Giuliano then the answer is a huge YES!

While we were impatiently waiting to hear from the car rental place a really great guy we started talking to named Jamie said that he would call them up himself and see if they could come and get us a little faster than the hour they said it would take. Because of Jamie's kindness and good deed we were able to get picked up and they gave us a car (ironically an older one compared to what we had-we had to roll down the windows ourselves haha!

My husband drove carefully but fast, thank goodness he has an AMAZING sense of direction and he's super smart so even thought he has never been there before he got me to Celeste in time! I was able to do one out of the two themes I was originally going to do so I was thrilled with the opportunity.

My friend, Rocio, allowed me to use her "fancy" phone and I managed to let my pinup friends know what going on and my friend Brittany said, "Everything happens for a reason". It's something I have said to myself a zillion times but at that moment hearing it from someone else made the difference and she was right. After a long day driving and all the drama with the car and lack of sleep, doing one look ended up being perfect!

I met Celeste and her fabulous team who gently took me under their wings and made me prettier (yes I said prettier heheh) and at the end of my cheesecake transformation I looked like a living doll!! So cool! Let me also say that Celeste's studio is stunning. Its both cozy and visually pleasing. There are beautiful images of classic pinups all over including the bathroom! Her studio is incredibly clean, tidy, and organized. And maybe its the mommy in me----ahhh okay its not the mommy in me----its the detailed-oriented person in me that appreciates organization. Her studio is where art happens and you can see it all around you.

After I settled in I went straight to get my hair started. I have to tell you that my MUAH team was gorgeous---these women are both beautiful, talented, and really passionate about what they do. We talked about life and our kids and it was nice to meet such interesting and incredible women. Girl time is on my to-do list now. Its something I forget to do especially with the schedule I have but I know now its good for a girl to get out and chat it up with other girls *smile*
The beginnings of my hair by Raina

From hair I went straight to makeup with the fabulous Kirsten who painted on my makeup-well it felt like it anyway. I felt like a canvas and it was very calming, soothing, and relaxing-LOVED it! My only gripe is next time I don't want to talk as much as I did and just sit in quiet and enjoy the pampering a little more. 

I am all dolled up!!!

Makeup is a magical thing I tell you. Look fwd to learning more about it! Raina then took over and within minutes had my hair looking like I stepped out of 1952. She made it look so easy but that whats makes professionals professional and both Kirsten and Raina certainly are. They both inspired me to keep practicing my hair at makeup at home.

I then began to get dressed. I chose a cobalt blue dress that was super pretty and flattering on me. Celeste suggested I wear stockings and a garter belt. I have never worn a garter belt so this was fun. Its nice to dress sexy from the inside out even if no one sees it. I didn't do the poses where I lifted my dress or anything. After this photo session I decided I defiantly will not show my business from below the waist. Its just not me and I need to stay true to whats right for me. Now showing off the cleavage is another story. Thanks to my papi (first son) mama has a nice rack hahaha did I just write that? Oh well, yes I did and yes I do. So I don't mind much giving a little peak to my goodies *chuckle*

The photo shoot itself was fabulous. I felt like a doll-truly. Celeste was so easy to work with. Shes funny and gave great direction. I felt very comfortable around her and with her. I knew she only wanted me to look and do my best so it made me feel at ease. I won't describe my props or anything because I want it to be a surprise but I will give you this hint---it has to do with something I love dearly.

I must admit I love being in front of the camera. Doing my pinup practices also helped because I remembered a lot of the faces and poses. It was just so much fun. Cheesecake pinup is flirty, pretty, classy, and a good time all rolled into one. I loved it. I could do it all day!!!

Celeste and I hamming it up for the camera!

What can I say about my day? That everything happens for a reason and I feel blessed to have met and worked with Celeste Giuliano. It was on my Bucket List to work with amazing photographers and she is defiantly amazing! She has good and vibrant energy, is a sweetheart, and a GREAT hugger! heheh I hope to work with her again in the future.

You can find Celeste's Facebook page by clicking on the word facebook and her website is located at the top of this post by clicking on her name.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peak into my photo shoot with Celeste Giuliano. Tomorrow's post will be about my adventures after my shoot. It will surely make you drool---just a little anyway *smile*


 PS In two weeks I will share with you my photos from my shoot! I cannot wait!!!!!


  1. aww, that sounds like so much fun! I'm so happy that everything worked out. You looked gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see your pics! x

  2. Oh Brittany me too-so grateful it did! The Universe was good to me that day heheheh I cant wait either ahhhhhh! lol xox

  3. Your make up looks fantastic!! Oh I can't wait to see the photos. I'm so happy that you got to do a photo shoot again. You truly deserve it!

  4. Thank you mamita! Means a lot to me what you said! I feel blessed for sure-its something I think everyone should do for themselves at least once ya know? It was so much-hope to do more in the future hehe xox


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