Monday, September 5, 2011

My Game Plan

I am at the end of my Labor Day weekend. Now my kiddies are slowly drifting off to dreamland and I am waiting for my hubby to come home from work. My day started off snuggling with my pillow and hearing babies rambling all sorts of coos and little phrases. I woke up to a lot of thoughts spinning in my head. First things first though, I washed up, changed the kids, cleaned up, and made my hubby a plate full of breakfast-scrambled eggs and fried salami---yum!

Toward the afternoon we managed to have a little BBQ and I was also able catch my husband up with all of these ideas swimming in my head. I spilled out all of my ramblings and every single worry I had in my pretty little head. Nothing better than letting my partner in life know everything that is going on. Makes me feel a whole lot better when he knows and I am grateful that he is even interested in knowing!

I came up with a game plan of sorts. I mentioned in my post "Giving up is hard to do" some of my struggles and some ideas I have come up with to help me achieve my pinup mama goals. I posted some items on my Etsy Shop and I will post more within the next two weeks or so. I didn't think I had much to purge from my home but once I put my serious, mama means business hat on then I found loads of stuff. I figured if I am not using something and it isn't super special to me then say bye-bye to it! I so look fwd to my two yard sales-aside from the one or two people who want everything for twenty cents-they are usually lots of fun to do.

My game plan is as follows--aside from working hard and saving I will focus on my vintage wardrobe and practice from the months of November to April. At least a solid six months to pour my energies in learning vintage hair techniques, vintage makeup, my wardrobe, and hopefully score some TFP photo shoots as well.

I have a great deal to learn so I am excited to delve into that beautiful vintage world with both feet. I have one or two photographers that may be around New York during those months that I would love to work with but if I am unable to I have no problem waiting til the late spring/summer.

I feel comfortable with this plan and feel confidant that it will work for me. Of course I need to leave space for chance, luck, destiny, and the unknown. But I am pleased that I figured out a course of action that is good for me and good for my family. Makes me feel like I am touching all my bases!

With all that being said I also want to take the opportunity to thank all those who are cheering me on and supporting my pinup dreams. To say the least it has and still is a humbling experience. I am so grateful to have such loving people in my life and to have made so many nice friends because of my pinup journey. I hope to make you all very proud!  xox

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