Monday, March 5, 2012

Va-Voom Vintage: Hair Tutorial

Betty Grable
Photo from Va-Voom Vintage

Brittany from Va-Voom Vintage posted this fantastic easy-to-follow vintage hair tutorial last month and I have been wanting to try it out since I watched it.

Since my husband was home all day I figured I should take the opportunity to try it out. Of course I didn't finish it until 12:00am at night! Ugh! But it got done-well sort of hehe

Here is the tutorial:

And now here is my attempt:

There were some challenges I faced such as my hair was a lot curlier and a shorter in the front. I used my foam rollers and I am thinking perhaps I will start to use bigger rollers for the front of my hair. Not sure yet. The side was sooooo hard to do. I tried it four times and I just did my best. It was getting late and I just couldn't fuss with it all night long.

I'm really glad I tried it and Brittany's tutorials on Youtube are fantastic! She really breaks things down where it makes sense-ya know?

I haven't practiced my vintage hair in a month but now I must get back to practicing. I will not get any better if I don't keep at it! LOL

So what did you think? I hope you try it out for yourself as well!



  1. I'll do it for you when you're here! :) I'm glad you gave it a go and that it was easy to follow, at least! Sometimes, I feel like I'm rambling :P

  2. I have the same problem with my hair, so I've noticed pincurls are a lot less difficult, if that helps at all? Hahah. But I really like the way your hair turned out. I think it looks really good!(: And I love her tutorials too! haha.

  3. I find that rolls are one of the hardest things to do! Practice is key.

  4. Your tutorials are one of best out there Britt! Thank you!!

    I havent tried pincurls yet Paigey-one day heheeh

    For sure-mastering vintage hairstyles is a must for every vintage gal. I wont give up!!! xox

  5. You look lovely! I have a hard time with rollers myself. The solution for me is standing pin-curls, but as people hair differ, my best way may not be yours. here's how I do them, anyway:

  6. Thank you Isis-you're so sweet!! xox


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