Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tis the season of bunnies!


It is spring at last! Spring at last! Thank God almighty spring at last! I didn't think it would come and it did! Thank you Mother Nature! Now I  hope we will have spring in New York until June at least because sometimes it gets super hot beforehand. This Bunny does not like super hot at all!! LOL

So have you started to spring clean? Have you purged your homes of unwanted items? Are you having any yard sales? I am always purging but I will walk around my house this week and look to see what we really don't need and I will hopefully have a yard sale this weekend if it doesn't rain!

I am almost finished with my children's Easter baskets and my niece's. I just have to add some crayons to them. I am also working on something for my husband-he deserves to have a little surprise on Easter as well. I found some books he has been wanted for dirt cheap on ebay (used of course) and I cannot wait to give him his surprise. I also am swapping vintage inspired Easter baskets with my sister in law-it has been fun but hard to do on my budget. Defiantly worth doing though.

There is officially 36 days until my trip begins and I am getting more excited! Is anyone going anywhere this spring? Any shopping trip plans or vintage inspired plans? My goodness I cannot wait to see all the amazing outfits all my vintage friends and fellow bloggers will be wearing! Yeah for spring!
Susan Hayward~1940's

Gila Golanc~1960's
Dorothy Jordan~1930's

I thought you might find some of these photos inspirational! I love bunnies and well my husband calls me Bunny, hence my stage name. So in the spirit of Easter (coming in two weeks!) and in the spirit of Spring and all things bunny-like....enjoy the photos!!!! And HAPPY SPRING!!!!



  1. oh, you've got me super excited for easter. speaking of trips, I leave for France on Saturday for a school trip. I'm actually looking forward to Easter Mass, as it's in Paris. The photos you've featured are so fun.

  2. Oh I'm so happy for you Meg! Guess what?? My first trip to europe I went during Eastertime and it was amazing!!! Have a lot of fun! xox

  3. Yay for spring!! Love these photos of the "bunnies." Hehe.

  4. Isnt it cute! Yes spring finally!!!! hehehe xox

  5. Aww those photos look so cute! You're family are so lucky, looking forward to seeing your Easter baskets, we don't give each other anything for Easter! XxxX

  6. Arent they so cute! I didnt grow up with easter baskets but I wanted to try and do them for my kids-its a struggle but I'm trying heheh thank you! xox


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