Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Awesome Blogger Award!!

How neat!?? Another blogger award! I never get tired of these! A BIG thank you to the lovely Beccie from Sew Retro Rose!!!

I am supposed to share seven things you don't normally know about me and also pass it onto fifteen bloggers. I think I may follow Beccie's footsteps and pass it to five bloggers I regularly read and follow and who I consider truly versatile.

I got a similar blogger award in January so you can read all about it at the attached link. I don't want to repeat my seven things you normally wouldn't know about me so here are seven more!

  1. I must have been Irish in another life because I really love potatoes! ( I, in no way mean that in any way but a good way) Even the Spanish version of potatoes called plantains (platanos).
  2. I started going thrifting with my grandma in my teens-we had so much shopping together-I miss it!
  3. I saw my first movie by myself at nineteen years old because I was fed up with "friends" canceling on me and changing plans. I decided I don't need anyone to enjoy something I love. The film was called "Dangerous Minds" A teacher movie...go figure.
  4. I was a teacher at an all girls Catholic High School for seven years before I left to become a stay at home mother. And yes! Being a stay at home mother is more work than being a teacher but the rewards are greater. I don't plan to go back to teaching for many years to come because I want to dedicate my teaching skills to my three children.
  5. If I were to go back to teaching, I would love to teach about classic film or women in WWII or something like that  :)
  6. I wrote my first little book at nine years old, it had jokes in it and puzzles and a maze too. One day I will write a big girl book.....its on my bucket list hehee
  7. I have been journaling since I was nine years old. I don't journal as much but I do a lot of memory keeping for my family :)

I would like to pass this award to these following bloggers:

  1. I know, right? Jennifer is just seriously such an awesome young woman. She's open to what the world has to offer which is beautiful to see in a person. Her blog really does rock!
  2. Vintage Doris  Amanda is new to the vintage blog world but she has such passion and love for vintage that it is totally contagious!
  3. Lost in the 50's  Laurence is a total doll! Her and her husband live life as much in the 1950's as possible-their dedication is beautiful!
  4. Glamour Daze I LOVE her videos!! LOVE! LOVE! and more LOVE! She also has guides on hair and makeup from yesteryear that you can purchase on her blog!
  5. Fashionable Forties This amazing blogger has spent the last year recreating an entire 1940's vintage wardrobe and she has a four year plan! I truly admire her!!
Thank you again to my dear Beccie and a BIG congrats to her because tomorrow is her wedding day!!!! Yeah!!!!!



  1. Congrats on the awesome award, Bunny. You totally deserve it. :)

    And thank you so much for passing it along to me!! That made my week so much brighter. The things you said about me made me smile!!

    You seriously should pursue being a classic film teacher, or something to that degree. You are a plethora of knowledge on the subject. I think anyone, regardless of age, would get a kick out of it and be completely fascinated!!

  2. Yeah-glad you like it! Ya think so? I am hoping I can do that one day-esp to teach the younger people :) Thank you for your vote of confidance!! xox

  3. Thank you so much! But I haven't spent four years yet- just one! :D Three left to go...

  4. Hey Bunny, Thanks sooo much mentioning me! I love your blog and always enjoy reading. Keep up the fab work. Big kisses from the UK xxxxxxxxxx


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