Saturday, March 3, 2012

Documentary: Girl 27

"Girl 27" (2007)

The other day I found an amazing documentary on Netflix that was so emotional, moving, and touching all at once. I didn't expect to find it but when I was doing my usual searching, there it was.

I don't want to give it all away to you because if you can please watch it-you really will not be disappointed. I only had one disappointment about the whole thing and it was about the mother/daughter relationship between the victim in this film and her daughter. That's because I always wonder what happens next LOL 

In 1937, Patricia Douglas thought she was being hired as a movie extra but in reality was being hired to be a piece of meat for a big party for MGM's employees. What happened in 1937 changed Patricia for the rest of her life. It literally switched something off in her that she was never able to regain again.

What makes Patricia's story so compelling is that she went to the police and evenutally to the courts with her case. I mean, for a women to put her integerity, livelyhood, and reputation on the line to seek justice is BRAVE!

The films is written and directed by David Stenn. He was a writer who stumbled upon some clippings about Patricia'sattack and wondered why he never heard of the case and also wondered why it was kept a secret for so many years. His editor at the time, Jackie Onassis (former Mrs. John F. Kennedy)  urged him and encouraged him to seek the truth of what happened to Patricia Douglas. And although the journey was a long one for him-he succeeded.

Pictured above is Patricia at age 86 in 2007 I believe. The other photos are from this great review about this documentary. Please only read it if you won't watch it or won't be able to. Otherwise read it after you watch it because the reviews contains spoilers. You can find it at Ferdy on Films.

I highly recommend this documentary! It made me wonder and think and ponder and feel and learn. Good stuff for your head and your heart. It also can make you reflect on how fragile life for some can really be and how easily one event in a person's life can be forever altered.



  1. I'll have to watch this next week it sounds so interesting.

  2. That sounds very interesting!

  3. Oh man, I just stumbled across this last week and felt the same way in 2020! It brings to mind that we have no idea what sort of mental health issues someone may be dealing with due to post traumatic stress and we may assume that someone is just lazy or doesn't want to better themselves or their life but if they've never dealt with the trauma then how can they move forward. I think after 65 years of not dealing with this trauma we can see how it affected her maybe it will help us show a little more empathy for those that are down and out because we have no idea what they've been through that may have caused them to not live our definition of their best life!


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