Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Vintage Wardrobe: 1940's Accessories

1940's Accessories
1940's Accessories: Adore-Vintage

I have always thought accessories make the outfit-that and feeling good in what you are wearing. So for me, wearing a great pair of trousers, a pretty blouse, and coordinating cardigan isn't a complete outfit. Not until I add some earrings, a bracelet or two (or three hehe), a sweater clip, and a fantastic handbag. I know most women in the 1940's did not wear fancy hats with their trousers but they did wear hats-usually berets and fedoras. I defiantly want to wear some hats with my outfits especially during the cooler months. The challenge will be to find one that is casual yet still makes a statement.

Although gloves were worn usually with a dress or gown, I will like to try out wearing some dainty gloves when I wear my "dress up" trouser outfits :)

Accessories found in the 1940's:

Hair Clips
Sweater Clips
Cigarette Case

I may have missed some and if I did don't hesitate to let me know. I was told once to work with what I have. So since I don't have a chance to always go thrifting, Etsy really has provided me with a visual outlet and a learning tool. Sounds corny, but true. I am a visual person so being able to look at the clothes and accessories while I read all the other vintage blogs, books, and articles online about the 1940's fashion--it helps me to put the pieces together in my head. Once that is done then I can start putting some outfits together.

I am sure its easier for others to do this than for me, but I honesly have been such a jeans and t-shirt girl for so long now that I am definatly out of practice hehehe

Here are some visuals of 1940's accessories. You can find who the sellers are by looking at my Favorites list on Etsy. They are all on there hehehe Enjoy the all the pretties!

I think a girl can have so much fun with accessories and they can add character and flair to your wardrobe whether it is vintage or not, dresses or trousers, or jeans and t-shirts. I highly encourage beginners to really look into what kind of accessories they would like to have with their outfits, what colors, and what kind of statement they want to make with them. I recommend the vintage pros to go through their stash and organize what you have so you know more or less what you need in order to add that something extra special to your outfits.

Also, be open to supplementing. I am as much in love with Bakelite Jewelry as the next vintage gal but they usually run anywhere between 15-150 dollars or more a piece! I know that it is a must have staple for the 1940's gal and I do hope to find some pieces on my trip in April but be open to other materials as well like plastic, lucite, and others. You can find pretty bangles made out of those materials and still have some money to spare for other little pretties to add to your expanding collections.

Tomorrow I will share with you who are my fashion inspirations-from the past to the present-from the glamour girl to the ordinary girl.

What are you favorite types of accessories??



  1. I'm trying to train myself into using accessories more- I'm really bad at it!

    I feel a bit self-concious banging my own drum here, but I have quite a few posts on my blog about accessories, colours and fabrics that you may find useful as I have taken the information from books from the 40's.

  2. Oh Isis-thank you! Dont worry about sharing your blog with me-I love it! Thank you! Going to look now!!!! xox

  3. What a wonderful Post Bunny!I just LOVE vintage accessories! ALL OF THEM! xxx


  4. Great post. Thank you for sharing your tips!!!

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