Friday, March 30, 2012

Some more thrifty finds...

Two great books-"That Darn Cat" is a Disney movie and
this original book is from the 1960's just like the film!

About two weeks ago I went thrifting again. Sheesh I have been meaning to tell you all about it but my camera has NOT been behaving itself. Yes, that means its on my "to-do list" for things to get before my trip (27 days not counting!). Thankfully camera are now cheaper because most people are using their phones. I am a traditional kind of girl-cameras all the way!

Anyhoo, I went to Martin Luther Thrift Store again and I spent just three dollars on everything you see. Not bad! I found three fabulous books, a patriotic scarf, and a cute unique little basket that I was thinking of using for a photo shoot.

One of my favorite books and I finally find a copy
for my godson who loves to read!!! Yeah!

My patriotic scarf!! Cannot wait to use it!

I love the angle of this basket-super cute!

For a dollar I also purchased a fur collar from the 1960's (but can pass for 1940s) at a nearby yard sale. I really wanted to take a photo of it but like I said, camera is on the fritz-boo!!!!

What goodies have you found thrifting lately?

Happy Friday Everyone!!!! xox

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  1. Such lovely, enjoyable thrifting finds. I can totally see that cute basket working for everything from Easter to Thanksgiving - not to mention a photo shoot, like you said.

    There's a few thrift and consignment stores around these parts (yay!), though the ones I've popped into since getting into town haven't yielded much at all yet. The best find has been a cute pale pink cardigan with a ruffles of ribbon on the front. It's modern, but thoroughly vintage appropriate and was half off, so it only cost me a few dollars at a consignment shop on Main Street.

    Wishing you a gorgeous, relaxing weekend, sweet dear!

    ♥ Jessica


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