Saturday, March 24, 2012

Casablanca's 70th Anniversary!

"Casablanca" (1942)

On Wednesday, March 21st, TCM released Casablanca nationwide in order to celebrate the films 70th anniversary. My friend Rocio found out that TCM was having another celebration of a film this month and she kindly  and graciously treated my husband and I to the movies. And what a treat it was indeed!

Not only did I get a chance to dress up a little, but I also got do something nice with two of my favorite people-my husband and closest friend. Doesn't get much better than that!!!

Hamming it up in the City!

I learned two important lessons while getting ready...actually three. First, paint my nails the day before and not a few hours before I leave. Second, I really need some train cases to organized my makeup, hair supplies, and accessories so they are easily accessible-hoping to score some on my trip! And lastly, I really need to practice my hair and makeup a whole lot more!! I know, I know-what time do I really have. Honestly I am lucky to blog a few times a week with the busy mama schedule I have but I still need to practice!

We made it on time! "Casablanca" here I come!

My husband and I drove into the City and I tell him all the time that I am his "parking good luck charm" because he always manages to find parking and in the City its super duper nuts to find a parking especially one you don't have to pay for. We met up with my friend and we had awesome seats. I snuck in my rasinets and hubby treated us girls to some popcorn. (yeah!).

I saw this film for the first time with my grandma when I was like eleven or so and rewatched it when I was sixteen or so, but watching it again with wiser eyes I was so surprised to find so many sexual innuendos and also so many amazing witty jokes!

"Casablanca" stars Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and Paul Henreid. It also starred Claude Rains (who had some of the best lines in the film aside from Bogart), Conrad Veidt, Peter Lorre, and Dooley Wilson. This was an outstanding cast! Now add the backdrop of World War II and set in Northern African country of Morocco and there you have Casablanca. Where an American man named Rick (Bogart) runs a nightclub called "Rick's Cafe American" and has Sam (Wilson) playing the piano and singing popular songs of the time. The walks in Victor Laszlo (Henried), a freedom fighter and on his arm is his wife Ilsa Lund (Bergman). Sam notices right away and begins to worry for his boss because a few years back Rick and Ilsa were lovers in Paris.

Will Rick help Laszlo and Lund escape? Will he get the closer he has always yearned for? So many questions and the film answers them all. They say this is one of the finest films ever made and it really is. I have said this before and I shall say it again, some films are as close to perfect as the world of movie making will ever get. And because of that I strongly believe they should never been remade. I am not a huge fan of remakes anyway LOL

                                           My friend Rocio and I after watching the film :)

There were some parts of the film that were emotional, romantic, passionate, heart breaking, and many parts that were downright hilarious!

Here are some of my favorite lines in the film:
  • I'm making out the report now. We haven't quite decided whether he committed suicide or died trying to escape. (Rains)
  • Oh, please, monsieur. It is a little game we play. They put it on the bill, I tear up the bill. It is very convenient. (Rains)
  • I've often speculated why you don't return to America. Did you abscond with the church funds? Did you run off with a Senator's wife? I like to think that you killed a man. It's the romantic in me. (Rains)
  • You know, Rick, I have many a friend in Casablanca, but somehow, just because you despise me, you are the only one I trust. (Lorre)
  • Strasser: You give him credit for too much cleverness. My impression was that he's just another blundering American. Renault: You mustn't underestimate American blundering. I was with them when they "blundered" into Berlin in 1918. (Rains and Veidt)
  • Rick: How can you close me up? On what grounds? Renault: I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here. (Bogart and Rains)
Gosh, there are so many fantastic lines in this films and of course iconic ones like, "Here's looking at you kid". If you would like to read more great quote you can find the here.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventure in the City and this week's "Weekend Cinema Spotlight" all combined into one post! hehe


PS My outfit was a mix of modern and vintage---blouse and cardigan were both thrifted in MO, my brooch was made by my friend Brittany, earrings purchased on Etsy, and 1940's patterned Navy snood was purchased on Etsy as well. I wore modern wide leg jeans with my outfit. *smile*


  1. Awww yay! It looks like you had a fabulous time. That photo of you with the poster is especially awesome. That photo looks legit from the 40s! LOVE IT.

    I've been lucky enough to see this film twice on the big screen in a vintage theater. As a journalism major at my uni, I was forced to take a film class to graduate, which was held at the oldest theater in town, which still has its 1920s decor and everything. Casablanca, of course, was one of the films we watched. And then when my bf took the class several years later, I snuck in and saw it again! Haha! It's definitely one of those movies you can watch over and over and over again...sigh.

  2. Omg I did!!! I really do enjoy seeing classic film on the big screen. I can only imagine how much film goers loved it back then!!! xox


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