Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Celebrating Pinup Mamas: Mims von Schuhe

Ladies and Gents, may I introduce you to my third Pinup Mama in my series, Mrs. Mims von Schuhe! This beautiful Latina Pinup is so inspirational and  just makes me feel like I can do anything. She is a positive thinker and full of life-what a breath of fresh air!

You can find Mims on Twitter at JerzyMims and also on Pinterest at Schuhe. Now may I introduce Mims von Schuhe to all of you!! Enjoy!!!

What attracted you to the world of pinup?
The Glam and the Glitz of it all. I have always been a girly girl. When I was a child I would sneak into my grandmothers bedroom and sit at her vanity. I was totally mesmerized by her jewelry. I would put on her pearls and squirt her perfume on my neck and apply her red lipstick onto my lips. All the while she would be in the kitchen preparing  some good old Puerto Rican cafe (Coffee). When I would hear her foot steps walking toward her room to see what I was doing I would quickly remove everything. The lipstick would always give me away. She would chuckle and let me be.  As I grew up I found myself loving everything and all things vintage especially "old Hollywood glam" for some reason it just reminds me of my grandma she is to date a very classy lady.

Why did you choose to be a (fill in what kind of pinup you are) pinup?
As an aspiring pin up model/photog, I love the "cheesecake" look to me its cute and fun and flirty yet very sexy. 

Who are your inspirations (pinup world)?
I find my inspiration from many different places. The people I've met, the places I've seen, and the icons of the culture I embrace. From the classic artists like Alberto Vargas & Gil Elvgren, to the models like Brigitte Bardo and the incomparable Bettie Page. Betty Brosmer has been my latest obsession from her effervescent smile to her curvaceous figure!! She proved that being curvy is sexy beyond belief.

How do you manage balancing the world of motherhood and the world of pinup?
As a full time working mother/wife and aspiring pin up model/photog balancing my real world job with my dream job have been a challenge for the last year.  I have to say that without the support of my Family and close friends none of this would be possible.  They have encouraged me when I thought I  didn't think I had what it takes. I am so thankful for them. While in my heart I was always a pin up it wasn't until a few years ago that I started to develop "Mims von Schuhe" I had to put her "growth" on hold but now that the babies are well "grown up" I am able to find more me time though it may not be many hours of me time its still ME time. In between the kids schedules, and being a wife I make it a point to put aside some Mims von Schuhe time. Again I couldn't do this if it weren't for my amazing support system. Love ya dolls!!! :)

What do you want to gain by being a pinup? (do you want to inspire, help others, self esteem..etc)
Society places an unfair expectation on people, especially women, to look a certain way. As a self professed "Big Girl," I know all too well what that pressure feels like. Over the years I've learned to embrace my curvy figure and hope to encourage other women to recognize that we are all beautiful. Whether short or tall, skinny or voluptuous. I hope that through my pin up pics people can see the beauty of a woman and not base her beauty on her dress size.

What ways have you changed because of it?
I haven't changed much but I have learned how to thrift shop even though its difficult  to find clothing my size that are vintage you have to just keep looking ;)

Being a mother is filled with daily sacrifices (as well as joys), in what ways have you sacrificed in order to become a pinup?
Scheduling is everything. I am a full time working mother of 2. I have 2 daughters. My oldest Keila (20) just had a baby and YES made this Pin up Mama a GRANDMA!! Keanna my youngest is 16 years old with a FULL schedule herself. I have to be sure that I don't plan any shoots during the week as I am needed to chauffeur her to and from cheer-leading. Any free time this pin up Grandma has during the week will be spent with my newborn grandson.  I must admit since my kiddies are older the weekends are ALL mine we just wont tell them this little secret. :)

When it comes to sexy pin up modeling, how does your husband/partner react?
My hubby and I have been married for over 20 years and he loves the confidence I have both in front and behind the camera. He is very supportive of my pin up lifestyle I am very blessed.

What advice do you have for other aspiring Pinup Mamas?
Exfoliate the lips!! Red lipstick can be harsh on the softness of our pin up lips but, more importantly , DON'T FORGET TO HAVE FUN!!

Thank you Mims for being so open and sharing yourself with all of us. I admire your beauty, strength, and courage-you are a Pinup Mama inspiration!!



  1. She is SO inspiring! I'm loving this series you're doing. All of these women are gorgeous, fabulous, and wonderful role models. :)

  2. They really are-so glad youre enjoying it! These women are really inspirational!! xox


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