Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Celebrating Pinup Mamas: Lainey Belle

Lainey Belle happens to be one of the nicest pinup girls I have gotten to know in a long time. Shes sincere and kind and just exactly herself. Her modeling work is stunning and inspirational and yes-you got it-shes also a mama!!

I am happy to introduce Mrs. Lainey Belle, Pinup Mama extraordinaire!

What attracted you to the world of pinup? Why did you choose to be a pinup?
It all started when I was in 5th grade & my parents drove by a classic car show. I started taking photos of classic cars I would come across shortly after. This love of classic cars lead to a discovery of classic pin-up girls by my 9th grade year. I printed & posted up enough classic gals to cover my entire door. It wasn't until two years ago when my friend convinced me to enter a pin-up contest that I realized that maybe I too could be a pin-up girl! I probably do mostly cheesecake photos & I love to do this because it is so much fun! Cheesecake gals always made me smile when I was younger. My rule is if I'm not going to have fun, don't bother doing it.

Who are your inspirations (pinup world)?
    I always come across some wonderful poses from a lot of wonderful ladies, but the two people I always go back to consistently are Bettie Page & Gil Elvgren.

How do you manage balancing the world of motherhood and the world of pinup?
With creativity, dedication, planning ahead & a little help. Sometimes I can't make it to events or shoots because I have children, which is why it's always good to keep things in perspective. My children can bring me joy nothing else can.

What do you want to gain by being a pinup? (do you want to inspire, help others, self esteem..etc)
     I want to make new friends, have fun, & I also love helping our veterans & their families through our group called the Pinup Patriettes. One of the most common things I've noticed is how much people glamorize modeling & the life of a model in their minds. It is nice to be able to set people straight because I see so many young girls posing for a nobody photographer with next to nothing on just to hope something big will happen for them.

What ways have you changed because of it? 
    I have become more outgoing, it has led to much more of an awareness of our veterans, & I have learned so many things reading about the people who went through the Depression. As a mother (& a human being), you can gain so many WONDERFUL tips from those who had to go without & found ways to make the best of things.

Being a mother is filled with daily sacrifices (as well as joys), in what ways have you sacrificed in order to become a pinup?
I think the biggest sacrifice is my sanity. haha! I joke, but it does take extra money & planning to find somebody to watch my two toddlers when I live far away from my family & friends. My husband & I have to plan trips to events where I can get to do what I love because we live almost in the middle of nowhere.  

When it comes to sexy pin up modeling, how does your husband/partner react?
My husband is very supportive & proud of me. We respect each other, so I show him everything before I put it up. If my husband was not supportive of what I love to do, there would be no way I would be able to accomplish what I have.

What advice do you have for other aspiring Pinup Mamas?
Don't compare yourself too harshly to other gals in the modern pinup world you see. Enjoy your life & if your main focus is to have fun, you can't really lose out! Sometimes being a mama means having less money to buy clothes, pay for photo shoots, or travel with. Pick & choose what is worth it to you & go for that. Look a year in advance & if you REALLY want to do something, plan for it & make it happen. Quality over quantity. Also, what I always tell other gals is Please bring a friend or two with you to a shoot. Always better safe than sorry.

Thank you so much Lainey for being a part of my Pinup Mama spotlight. You are a joy to know and an incredible Pinup Mama!



  1. What a gorgeous woman! I love this interview. I especially love her advice at the end.

  2. She really is a sweetie! Thanks Jen!! xox


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