Friday, March 9, 2012

My Vintage Wardrobe: Inspiration

Coco Chanel with model: 1940's: soulcookie

I have to admit I am not easily inspired. It isn't because I am picky, it's because my tastes have been refined with age, knowledge, and experience. So very few of today's "starlets" make me say "wow" but I am happy to say that women of the past-whether they are known or unknown have been inspiring me.

Many of the vintage bloggers have inspired me as well, especially those who face everyday challenges like motherhood, illness, disability, financial stresses-because those women are finding their own sense of style irregardless of their lack of time or money (or any other reasons). They inspire me because they are finding ways to express themselves and are celebrating the eras they love no matter what.

Here are some images of those who are inspiring me to go forward and express my love of the past:
Photo from: Va-Voom Vintage
Brittany has balanced her style and wardrobe through
pregnancy and motherhood in a way that leaves me
beyond inspired. She does with so with such ease and
beauty, how can one not admire her fashion sense?!!?

I truly admire this vintage blogger who really is dedicated
herself to the fashion and essence of what was the 1930's
in such a beautiful and classy way.

Photo from: The Fedora Lounge
Everyday women from the 1940's for being creative,
inventive, and bold when it came to style and fashion.

Photo from: Film Star Postcards
Audrey Hepburn~She wore clothes with style
and grace on and off the film set.

Photo from: Judy Wald
Rita Hayworth~To me she is everything  that is
glamorous and beautiful about the 1940's!

I am also inspired by my grandmother and mother because they really put effort into the way they looked, took care of themselves, and just oozed femininity. I am also inspired by the ladies who lived in the 1940's and who are still with us today, like my amazing neighbor Mary who never leaves her house without her hair done (pin curls the night before of course!) and is always dressed neatly and lovely. I admire the lady-like way women carry themselves whether they are wearing dresses or trousers. It's all beautiful to me.

The posts labeled "My Vintage Wardrobe" will be frequently posted on my blog now as I am closer to having a little wardrobe for myself. I will add topics to do with makeup, hair, and also be more specific about accessories such as hats, earrings, bracelets etc.

I hope you are enjoying this ride with me-its been a journey of nine months in the making (already I know!). I have had my ups and downs but more than anything I have loved all the learning and sharing and celebrating of the vintage life.



  1. I am really loving these clothes!! thanks for sharing!

    <3 Jess

  2. I looooove Rita Hayworth. Breathtaking beauty like that is so rare. Sigh. Sidenote: I was researching Hollywood icons today (I'm assuming you do the same exact thing in your spare time too, haha, we're such twins) and I discovered that Rita Hayworth's grandson killed himself two years ago. Apparently he was gay and had HIV. It broke my heart to read it. :(

  3. I love Rita too! Been searching everywhere to hear her speak spanish. I know I think the sucide was recent though. Broke my heart too. I believe it may have been her only grandchild bc I dont think Rebecca Wells had any children. So tragic. And yeah I totally research them hehehe Youre such a doll-I think I may keep you! hehehe

    Thank you for reading Jess!!! xox

  4. Oh my goodness...a friend just referred me to your blog after seeing this post! I'm so flattered you love my blog and find my style inspiring!! Warmest regards! Jill

  5. Its my pleasure and I do truly admire your style! Keep doing what you are doing! xox

  6. Wow, the Fedora Lounge is a great site!! The photographs are amazing!


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