Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adventures in Pinuping: Part One

Finally the day had come that I would have my long awaited photo shoot with Celeste Giuliano Photography. It had been swirling in my head for two months and I was all ready for it. I made my to-do lists and made sure the kids were prepared for the day, bottles were made, house was cleaned, and my bag was packed. I had my podiatrist appointment on Friday as well as my eyebrows done, Saturday I spent it cleaning and packing, and Sunday was finalizing everything. I had a manicure which I haven't done for many, many moons and I took my little girl with me. It was such fun to do something girlie together.

Monday, September 26th was no ordinary day in our household. I got up extra early and we got our daughter ready for school. Should I have known that things were not going to go by plan from the way the day started? Perhaps, but I decided to just go with the flow.

My husband drove her off at school and went to go pick up our car rental. Our car isn't doing so well so we figured  renting a car would be the best route. My father was running a bit late which is rare because he is a stickler to schedules but he was driving from another borough and had to cross a bridge so these things happen. By then I was dressed and getting the boys dressed and it was almost 8:30am. That was actually the time we were supposed to leave our house.

I was beginning to think something was up because by 9:30am my husband was still nowhere to be found. I was thinking something must have happened at the car rental place. My friend, Rocio was going to join us on our day trip for three reasons: (1) She loves the process of hair and makeup, (2) She is one of my biggest supporters/cheerleaders (and the President of my Fan Club...just kidding hehe), and (3) She is just the coolest girl I know (aside from myself of course...not kidding heheh). So Rocio was waiting in Mahattan since 8:30am and it was 9:30am and I was trying not to panic.

Finally my husband came and he told me they were giving him trouble, asking for $350 deposit when it stated nothing of the sort on their website or when he booked it in the first place. Yeah, who walks around with $350 in their pockets these days...nuts I tell you!
In the car rental and on my way!

After helping my dad place all three carseats in his car we were finally off. We picked up some yummy bagels and drove through the City to pick up Rocio by 59th Street and Columbus Circle. After passing Central Park I made my final decision that I MUST do a Vintage style photo shoot there. It's something I have been wanting to do since August but alas finding photographers in New York willing to do TFP has been impossible so far. But you know I won't give up on that idea  because I think that park is gorgeous and would be perfect for that kind of shoot. Until I find someone willing to do TFP, I will continue to work on my Vintage Wardrobe *smile*

We picked up my friend way later than expected and we dashed out of the City with at least three full hours to make it to Celeste. We were good to go! Except when we started driving along the I-95 in New Jersey our car rental began to stall and what happened you may be wondering....yeah it STOPPED!

I couldn't breath but I remained calm. I think maybe it was because I only have five hours of sleep (because of course the babies were restless the night before lol) and my tummy was aching from the new car smells and movements...ughhh thinking about it makes my tummy ache again!

Thankfully we had a cell phone and after a few phone calls we were told we would have to be towed and then from there contact the car rental place. Mind you the car was a 2011 and our is like 2001. I think we could have made it in our old car but its a lesson learned!

I wanted that day to be an adventure but I had no clue it would be many little adventures packed into one full day!

Footage of us being towed *giggle*

Can you believe this happened? I still can't! Thankfully everyone was super nice and helpful to us! By the time we got to the Tow company (in Edison, NJ called Mandy's) it was 12:30pm. And it was time for me to call Celeste-I was so worried because I didn't know if I would be able to have my photo shoot or not. I mean after all those days of preperation, my pinup practicing, grooming, getting family to babysit, hubby taking the day off, and all that jazz, I was filled with worry at that point. You see my shoot was to be at 1:30pm.
I was willing to hitch it to Celeste!
Just kidding hehehe

Now the question that should be asked is...did Bunny make it to her photo shoot? The only way you can find out is to stay tuned until tomorrow's blog post!



  1. Hi Bunny! What a day!!! You poor love! I hope that you got your photo shoot in considering all of the trouble you went to. Can't wait to see the pics if you did! I so hope tomorrow is a much better day for you Sweetie!
    Love and Blessings,
    Penni x

  2. Oh Penni what an adventure it was but I had a great time. I hope you enjoy part two of my day. Cannot wait to share the results of the shoot with you!!! xox


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