Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Faux Pearl Necklace Winner Is....

Thank you all for participating in this fantastic giveaway sponsored by The Swanky Fox! Thank you Jess for being so wonderful to me and my readers!!

So the winner is........

It's Miss Ruby RockOla!!!! Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Yeah Miss Ruby! Congrats!!!!! Email me and I will get you in contact with Jess!!!!!

Tune in tomorrow when my final and largest giveaway is announced!!!



  1. I feel truly honored !! I couldn't believe it when I saw my name! Thank you very much! I hope your birthday treated you well, and as a bonus, my new niece was born yesterday afternoon!

  2. Omg how neat!!!! Congrats on your niece-Aqua babies rock hehehe Congrats again!!! Cannot wait to see pictures of you wearing it hheheh xox


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