Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Little Bunny inside Mama Bunny hehe

It's here at last...the dreaded...oh I mean happy day that I was born...birthdays. Birthdays growing up were happy times for me. They became sadder after my mother passed on because she passed away six days later. But a happy memory I have and that I hold onto is my last conversation with her-which was on my birthday. She spoke to me about being good and a few others things I cannot seem to remember but what I do recall is her telling me that she loved me.

As I grew into my teenage years I found more of the joy that was lost in celebrating my birthday. And now I find it to be almost therapeutic to celebrate it. As much as I am bewildered by the numbers that keep going up and up and up....I remind myself to be grateful for the age I am simply because of my mother. 

My fourth birthday I think-gotta love the Polaroid photo huh?

Nowadays my children, in particular my daughter, loves the idea of mama having a party to celebrate my birthday. So this coming Saturday I am having a few friends over and celebrating another year gone by and another year to look forward to. I look forward to sharing that with you all.

It makes me happy to see my daughter so excited to celebrate mama's special day and kind of revives my joy in celebrating it. The look of happiness on her face reminds me that its a good thing and as sad as some of the reminders are, right at this moment is what counts.

So, Happy Birthday to me! I continue to feel incredibly blessed to be able to blow out another set of candles. And grateful for the gift of family and good friends to love and who love me in return.

Thank you mommy for bringing me into this world, for giving me my best present yet....the gift of love. You showered me with love every moment you were with me and taught me how to love myself and others in return. When I blow out my candles I will think of you.



  1. Happy birthday bunny xx I wish you a year of happiness xx

  2. Happy Birthday xx I hope your day is filled with wonderful things xx

  3. "Happy, Happy Birth-ing" day my Darling Bunny! Each birthday is the beginning of a new journey year! I wish you so much love and many many blessings for today and the year ahead. Your post brought me to tears. You won't believe this, but my Mum also passed away 6 days after my birthday!!!! How amazing! Life brings people together in so many increadible ways, which assists us in our healing. So my Darling girl, CELEBRATE all the GOODNESS that is YOU today, for it is also a celebration of your beautiful children, and Mum. Love you! Penni xxx

  4. Happy Birthday Bunny! I hope your year is filled with love, laughter and much happiness!

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a lovely day.

  6. happy birthday, sweetie! Hope your day is wonderful! xoxo

  7. Happy birthday! Oh you are so lucky to have such a sweet little girl. She knows how special her mama is. Have a great day on Saturday. You deserve some special attention. Hugs!!

  8. Happy Birthday Bunny! I hope you have a lovely day and you get all those vintage pressies you always wanted

  9. The spirit of this post is so sweetly beautiful, dear Bunny. Every year on my birthday I always tell my mom that it's not just my celebration, but ours, as I certainly wouldn't be there to partake in it if not for the priceless gift of life she gave me.

    With a heart full of love, I'm wishing you a jubilant birthday and the most incredible year imaginable ahead!

    ♥ Jessica


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