Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hairstyle Practice: Session Two

Thank you to everyone for all your positive feedback about my hair-especially to all my new followers-I really appreciate that!

I have never been this focused on my hair-not even my wedding day haha! Okay so here is my fourth hair trial--I think after this I will be one of those moms who spends their day with rollers in their hair hahaha Can you just picture that?? heheeh

This time around I did something different. I placed them all downward but I used more rollers and I used smaller ones on top.

I think I may have a 1930's thing going on hehehe My face is covered because I am in ful swing with my cold and I feel like I look horrid...sniffle sniffle.

Like I have said before-my hair has no problems curling. I do want to make the curls in the bottom tighter and use bigger ones for one side of my hair part as well. The only way to learn which way to go best is by trying them all out, right?

Okay, I gave in and put some lipstick on again but please excuse the sickiness *frown*. I really like how the larger hair part came out but I will definatly use a little bigger roller on the the other side. I broke up the curls with my fingers over and over and then brushed them out over  and over.

I was attempting to have a bit more of a filp at the bottom like its done in the 1940's but no luck. 

I was very please that I could still sport a snood even with my shorter hair. I love this look and its suits me very well. They just just so comfy and I love comfy!!
So far no luck! I still don't think I have a 1940's look, but I tend not to give up on things very easily so back to the hair drawing room I go!



  1. Love the look with your snood!!!!! It does indeed suit you well <3

  2. Oh the snood looks so wonderful on you! And your hair hold curl so well!

    I find that when I use foam curlers I have to brush, brush, brush my hair into submission- enough brushing and shaping with my hands and I eventually get a vintage look.

  3. I agree with ginger- loads and loads of brushing. Like- 20 minutes or more of non stop brushing! *lol* I love the snood, it looks great!

  4. You look great in a snood. My hair gets really tight curls if I use small foam curlers. Lately I've been using the large and jumbo sized curlers. They give a good curl without being to tight.

  5. Have you tried Lotta Body setting lotion before you put the curlers in? It helps to keep everything smooth and makes it a little more managable after you brush it out. (And it's cheap, cheap, cheap! I think I got my giant bottle for $3 at Sally Beauty Supply ;)

  6. Thank you Lucy Anne!1 xox Okay girls, brushing loads it is LOL I think its about time my hair knew whose boss heheheh Thank you! xox

  7. You and snoods are a match made in hair styling heaven, dear gal! I loved seeing how your (gorgeous) curls turned and really have to say that you could easily make the snood look your go to style, it suits you to an absolute tee!

    Tons of hugs!!!

  8. Thank you Jessica!!! They are soo comfy so it may just be my go to style hehe xox


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