Monday, January 30, 2012

Celebrating MOM

Dorothy Lamour and her son.

Today is my mother's anniversary. Instead of focusing on the details of her passing and how much I long for my mother, I decided to celebrate her anniversary with some Hollywood flair.

Here are some fantastic photos of Hollywood Starlets from yesteryear and their beautiful babies:

Elizabeth Taylor having her hair brushed by her son.

Rita Hayworth with her daughter, Rebecca Wells.

Natalie Wood and her daughters, Natasha and Courtney.

Jayne Mansfield with two of her children.

Sophia Loren and her two sons.

Audrey Hepburn with her son Sean.
Clara Bow and her son.

Janet Leigh with her daughter, Jamie.

Debbie Reynolds with her daughter, Carrie.

My mother Rosa and I :)

Weren't those photos just beautiful-especially the last one of course hehehe I just love seeing photos of mothers with their children-it's always so endearing.

So today and everyday if your mother is still here with you, tell her you love her a little bit more and give her lots of hugs. If she isn't here, then keep her memory alive as much as possible and hold onto the joys that you had shared together. If your mother wasn't the kind that you deserved to have, try and forgive her.

The people we love are never really gone-they live within us-always.



  1. awe... these are such cute photos! especially the dorothy lamour one. i LOVE old hollywood family pictures. i did a post with a few of my favorites a while back i think you'll find sweet, too:

  2. this post really did make my eyes tear up and miss my mother a lot. Thank for such an inspirational post.

  3. I love old family photos too-any old photos hehe Thank you Mrs. Jaime for that lovely comment-I truly appreciate it! xox


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