Saturday, January 21, 2012

I did it! I did it! I did it!!!!!!!

That beautiful Lucite "D" brooch was given to me by my friend
Brittany at Va-Voom Vintage as my birthday present!!
A gift I will forever treasure! Thank you again Brittany!
PS: The "D" is for my birth name *wink*

Okay, so I had a whole other post that I was going to write up but then today something magical happened to me and I just had to share it with all of you!!

Yesterday I made a mad dash to Sally Beauty and literally spent 15 minutes shopping (including checking out)! My husband had to get back to work and I had to pick up my daughter from school so I was a woman on a mission!!

For $32 dollars I purchased the following: Lottabody (for setting the hair), Semi-Permanent in Black, a net for when I put my hair in rollers at night, Bobby pins (much cheaper than at my local stores), White eyeliner (told that it makes your eyes look bigger and you look less tired), a table mirror (for 8.99 and the last one left so I can practice my hair/makeup and still watch my kids), a Cricket Hair Brush (recommended to me by Veronica Vintage),  and a hair rat for victory rolls and such.

It felt so good to get some of the supplies that I have needed to take the next step in my vintage life. With the help of a friend I learned how to use the semi-permanent which was only used to cover my white hairs. Its not permanent at all and will wash out soon enough. It didn't cover all the whites but it looks much better than before. Later on in the night I put lottabody in my hair and set it in rollers and kept my fingers crossed!

I tucked in that funny bow I made before I went to sleep.
I had no clue how to put it on but I just did it and that's that hehehee
My children were fascinated with my spongy head! LOL

Today I had to take my children to their cousin's fourth birthday party and although they do not know about my vintage life or my blog and I have no desire to share it, my sister in law does know I love vintage stuff because so does she. I decided to do my hair vintage all the way and dress just like I usually do. I also did my makeup and was so proud of how I looked...okay enough of my it is!

Yeah! So there it is! Having the right tools is so important and once  you have them you are making a little investment for yourself. I am so darn proud of myself because I am slowly conquering something that certain people for years have been telling me I would never be good at. Actually those certain people still make fun of me and tease me about it. But its okay--because its simple--they are wrong!



  1. Your makeup and hair looks B-E-A-U-TIFUL! Truly, it is. See, slow steps may sometimes be difficult, but they are still steps moving you forward towards your goal. I'm proud of you :-) How did the brush work out for you? Just based on the pics I see, it turned out fabulous!

  2. Bunny, you look gorgeous!! So glad you've finally got your hair sorted, I know exactly how it feels!
    Although you've kinda pinched the post I had in my head for this week - I finally achieved a victory roll do (of sorts!) lol!!

    Well done again, v jealous of the curls!!

    Maxine x

  3. Perfectly Polished you are Miss Bunny! Well done indeed!!! You look just beautiful Darling, and what a fab job you did on your hair! "Snaps" for you!!!! xxxxx

  4. Your hair looks awesome! And I had to follow Veronica Vintage on FB because my sister shares the same name! :)

    Pin curls make my hair so big. :( I want to try rag curls this week and see if that works.

  5. Thank you everyone hehehe You put a huge smile on my face!!! Love those snaps Penni!! I think Veronica Vintage will be trying those out soon too-keep your eye for a post Sean!!! So glad I get to share this small triumph with all of you!! MUAH!

  6. Your hair looks through-the-roof amazing, and that wonderful brooch? Don't even get me started on how fabulous it is! :)

    Tons of hugs & cheerful Monday wishes to you, sweet gal!

  7. Your hair are beautiful!!! You don't have to mind other opinion, wear vintage if you want to do so it's better to choose your style than follow most people just because it's fashionnable!
    You can have sometimes some stares but most of the time people come to see me to tell me how much they love my style!
    Some can laugh but I don't mind!!!!


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