Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: IT

"IT" (1927)

I don't know about you but I haven't sunk my teeth into Silent Films as much. I noticed after writing a few spotlights that I never really gave Silent Films a chance. I decided to change that and started my journey into Silent Films with the movie that made Clara Bow the ultimate "It" Girl.

"Coney Island" scene from "It".
Betty and Mr. Waltham's first date.

It starts with Bow's character of Betty Lou working as a counter girl in a huge department and upon seeing the new owner Cyrus Waltham, Jr. played by Antonio Moreno, she is instantly smitten. Her co-workers laugh her off but she is spunky, motivated, and determined!

Betty is also the roommate to Molly who is played by Priscilla Bonner. Molly is sickly (most liked post-partum depression) and has an infant son. This baby is the CUTEST little munchkin ever! I just wanted to grab him up from the screen and hold him!! So cute! I even tried looking to see who he was because by now he would be eighty-five years old!!!

Throw in Cyrus's friend Monty (William Austin-who was also the original "Alfred" in the Batman serials in the 1940's!!!) and Cryus's socialite friend Adela (Jacqueline Gadsden) who is hoping that he will marry her one day-and boy do you have some missunderstandings, dissapointments, surprises, and many mishaps along the way.
Clara Bow-The "It Girl"

I think one of the reasons I had a hard time watching Silent Films is because it reminds me how much time is fleeting. I mean WWII wasn't that long ago right? But it was over seventy years ago! It's also a reminder of how quickly time flies and how much can change within just a small span of years. Silent Films stopped being made towards the end of the 1930's but with films like The Artist out now, it makes me glad to know that the beginnings of cinema are still being celebrated.

The movie "IT" is cute, funny, sassy, witty, romantic, and sweet. I am so happy I sat down and watched it. Actually I watched it with my husband who thankfully loves classic films too! This film will not be my last and if you haven't seen this one or others, try one out. It takes all of a few seconds to adjust to no verbal dialogue and before you  know it you will find yourself enjoying a wonderful film...that happens to be silent!


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