Friday, January 27, 2012

Doctor Who????

Okay so why am I posting about Doctor Who on a Vintage Mama Blog??? Well...for a few reasons. The main reason was because I am hosting my birthday party this Saturday and the theme is "Doctor Who" and honestly I wanted you to understand my love for this show and its stories.

Also, the more I thought about it the more it made perfect sense to post a little something about my ultimate favorite show (Downton Abbey is coming in a close second) because The Doctor has traveled throughout time and space. You cannot get any more vintage than that!! LOL And you know what, in the spirit of celebrating my birthday this month I wanted to share something with all of you that I hold close to my heart.

Let me begin by saying that whenever I need to have a smile on my face-"Doctor Who" always delivers. It sounds super corny and yes it is just a TV Show but it to my surprise has become much more to me. I am not one of those crazy fans and I will NOT paint my house blue like the TARDIS anytime soon or ever! But I am passionate about it to a healthy degree. I never thought something on TV could actually be good for you hehehee This show has always managed to bring me joy and now joy to my children who watch it sometimes with me. *smile*

I first was introduced to this show by my wonderful PBS channel. I have so many fond memories of watching shows as a little girl from that channel. I will never forget seeing Tom Baker (the fourth Doctor) and his blue box. Just magical. It was until years later and a chance meeting on a Sci-fi channel that I saw Christopher Eccleston as the ninth regenerated version of The Doctor.

I will confess I have not seen all the episodes of the past but one day I will. "Doctor Who" began in 1963 and in 2013 they will be celebrating 50 years on television! It's Britain's longest running show and if you watch it you will learn why. It just has an amazing blend of action, comedy, sci-fi, horror, romance, intrigue, mystery, suspense, tragedy, and so much more! It's jam packed with fun and intelligent story lines and always has surprises waiting for you around the corner. I mean how I can I resist!!??

I just realized I can literally go on and on about this show so just to give you a very small taste of what it is it goes.....There once was a man from a planet called Gallifrey who is a Time Lord and called literally The Doctor. We do not know much about his past but it's known that he is over 900 years old, he was a father and grandfather, he lost his entire planet in a great-big Time War, and he can regenerate (changed into another man right before he dies-so its still The Doctor but slightly altered).

He is very lonely because he is the last of his kind so he travels with companions. The first was his granddaughter Susan Foreman and the most recent has been Craig Owens.

The Doctor's companions minus about 7-8 of the most recent ones.

While The Doctor is traveling through time and space with his trusty companions, he is also faced with daring adventures and a multitude of adversaries. These adversaries have come in the shape of aliens, monsters, robots, machines, statues, and many more. The most recent adversaries The Doctor has faced has been The Weeping Angels, The Silence, The Cybermen, The Silurians,  Madame Kovorian, and a few others as well. There's never a dull day when you spend it with The Doctor! He is always busy saving humanity and Earth!!

Just a few of The Doctor's adversaries!

Season Six (from the series being renewed in 2005) stars
Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond),
Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams), and Alex Kingston (River Song).

I hope from this little (yet long) blurb about "Doctor Who" you can tell why I love it so and why it means so much to me. I always admired "Indiana Jones" and always wanted to be able to travel about in that fashion. Watching "Doctor Who" gives me that gift in an imaginary way. I know it is all pretend but that's another gift "Doctor Who" gives to me, the gift of imagination. It's something we tend to forget as we get older---the incredible world of MAKE BELIEVE.

I look forward to sharing my birthday party with you all tomorrow. Happy Friday everyone!!



  1. I LOVE Doctor Who! That's an awesome theme for a birthday party!

  2. So cool!!! Cant wait to put it all together!!!! I had to wk with a small budget so hopefully it comes out super fab hehehe xox

  3. *Blushes ear-to-ear*, you know I honestly don't think I've ever seen an episode of Doctor Who, be it the older or newer version. After reading your wonderful post on this show though, I feel highly motivated to change that! :)

    Thank you dearly and deeply for your caring, touching comment on my "Hey, it's OK" post yesterday, sweet Bunny. I sincerely appreciate it <3

    Tons of hugs & joyful weekend wishes,

  4. I def dont try to convert people to the show but it def is worth checking out. Its not for everyone but I love it hehhee Oh no worries about the post on your blog-my pleasure-youre not alone-I really can relate to many things that you so candidly share with us, youre readers.



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