Thursday, December 1, 2011

Informational Vintage Sites

Looking for a good read? Yearning to learn all things Vintage? I have been an enthusiast for over twenty-five years but just recently really started researching and learning more about vintage clothing, hair, makeup, etc. My focus is on the 1940's but I am intrigued by well most everything else minus the 1980's and 1990's because well let's face it---that's my generation LOL

The first site I want to share with you is called The Vintage Dancer. This is just loaded with information on how to dress from Victorian times to the 1960's. I admire the writer's passion and just am in awe of how much she knows!

Every time I look into her site I get inspired and invigorated to keep learning. She has also written a vintage guide dedicated to the 1940's (okay I am drooling now!) called 1940's Style Guide. Are you just as impressed and in awe as I am, because I SO am!

If you really want to learn about vintage style I highly recommend this site. It is helping me learn so much! You can also follow her on Twitter and on Facebook. After you check out her site, let me know what you think?

The second site that I can recommend to you is called Queens of Vintage. It has everything you can think of for the vintage lover; community, fashion, locations, make&mends, etc. You can easily subscribe to their website to receive daily updates and information.

The has current information on everything (new) vintage as well as everything that is authentically vintage. You will literally spend hours going through all the articles! They even spotlight other "Queens" (vintage fans and enthusiasts) and I hope one day I can be on their list. Oh a girl can dream and a girl should dream.

The only thing about this site is that I don't think anything new has been posted since 2010 but I could be wrong. It is up and running and dripping with information. So its worth looking into I think.

If you have any other vintage sites that you would like to recommend to me or to my readers please let me know. I think after five months most of you know I love to learn-so bring it on!!



  1. I have some sites, but maybe you already knew them! I should write to your email?

  2. Oh yes please email them to me-would love to hear what you have as well! Merci Nella!! xox

  3. Hey Bunny,
    Queens of Vintage update their articles on a regular basis, I have just started writing articles for them a couple of months back.... but you're right they haven't updated their Queens for ages. I love Fintage website, which is a collaborative blog that showacases wonderful vintage clothes- there is even one great lady who did a 365 days of vintage experiment...showing a different outfit from her vintage collection everyday for a year! You've probably seen it, but if you haven't you must check her out asap. xx Shauna


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