Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Doctor Who Wednesday: The Doctor Dances/Doctor 9

Last week I shared with you one of my favorite episodes from Doctor Who from Series One called The Empty Child and showed you how you can create your very own Rose Tyler outfit. 

This week I will continue my love for The Empty Child episode with focus on the 9th Doctor. When Christopher Eccleston  come into the DW Universe when the show was on what seemed to be a indefinite hiatus from 1996 to 2004. Then came the reboot of the show and Eccleston proved to be an outstanding Doctor.

There was a major shift in the story line though. The 9th Doctor tells us of a Time War between his people (the Time Lords) and the Daleks (his arch-enemies). In that Time War he became the last known living Time Lord. It also left this Doctor teeming with anger, rage, frustration, and deep loneliness.

This Doctor was different, different in many ways from the eight before him but yet still the same. Still hungry for an adventure, still energetic, still brave, still exploring the world and time endlessly.

In The Doctor Dances, after he solves the mystery as to why people's faces are breaking out into gas masks, he has this incredibly joy-filled moment when he used the nanogenes (think mini robotic doctors) and heals everyone who was infected.

After suffering so much loss from the Time War, The Doctor has a moment where he saves lives instead of loses them. Eccleston's protrayl of the Doctor is  FANTASTIC!
You too can dress like the 9th Doctor! He wore a very, very simple ensemble. It consisted of a pair of black jeans, a jumper (sweater), and a black leather jacket. He used his sonic screwdriver many times but he didn't have any gimmick or love of bow-ties or striped scarves.

My outfit was made up of a sold black belted poplin skirt by eShakti. I love, love, love this skirt. It fit perfectly and is VERY true to size. It also comes with a matching belt and has two side pockets! I mean, who doesn't love a pocket with their skirt??!!

My blouse was from Eddie Bauer but I purchased it gently used via Ebay. I love the color burgundy (or brick) but it is a hard color to find. I noticed that many, and I mean many, outfits wore on DW included the color burgundy in it. I think it is a fabulous color for fall/winter. Don't you?

I finished off my outfit with my jacket that I found on Amazon (it also has a hood that I adore!). I included the link in my last DW post but if you want it again this is it here. I wore simple silver loop earrings and a necklace of a wolf purchased on Etsy here. One of the themes of Series One was "Bad Wolf" so I think it was a perfect addition to the outfit.
And I couldn't resist this part from the episode The Doctor Dances. Hope you like my rendition!

Did you like the 9th Doctor? Have you purchased anything on eShakti yet? What did you think?


  1. I havent bought anything from eShakti yet but Ive been looking at their site for a very long time now and always find stuff I like. Im always just a little afraid of ordering online with a company that Ive never used before, so its good to know that you had a good experience with them.

  2. What a delightfully fun outfit! I love burgundy on you! It's one of my favourite (second favourite, to be exact) colours and I sport it often. I think more women should, it can flatter such a wide range of skin and hair tones.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I just visited eShakti yet and OH MY WORD! How wonderful! I love your wolf necklace what a fun homage to the Doctor!

  4. Thank you ladies! EShakti rocks! Wait til you see the other pieces I have. They are wonderful and package everything beautifully. The best bit is they have special offers and sales all the time-whoot! xox

  5. I love The Empty child/The Doctor Dances! It's such a wonderful story and is my favorite for that season and one of my favorites on all Who. Your take on his outfit is great. Looking forward to next Wednesday!


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