Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Cinema Spolight: To Sir, With Love

"To Sir, With Love" (1967)

Every weekend I will spotlight a classic film-one that inspires, moves, teaches, makes you laugh or makes you cry. Movies that most people today haven't heard about or could care less about especially if its in black and white. I mean if something isn't a part of how you were raised or grew up then that something is different. Different isn't always easy to try, not easy to do, and not easy to learn. But if you did try it you might just learn something new or even enjoy something you thought you would never like in the first place.

So get comfy in your chair, make some popcorn, and enjoy the show!

Now before you watch the film ask yourself if you have ever heard of Sidney Poitier. If you dont know who he is or are not familiar with his work be prepared-he is one actor whose work will literally blow you away!! In his peak as an actor he was the only well known actor of color on the silver screen. And what an actor he was! (still is!)

What is To Sir, With Love all about? It's basically about a man who takes on a teaching job when he is unable to find work in his field of study. Sounds like a practical kind of guy, huh? Well the place he is teaching at has the kind of students no one wants to have-disrespectful, rude, loud, brash, unkempt-you get the picture right?

Being a teacher means that you were once a student. What students sometimes fail to recognize is that the teacher always remains the student. Being a former teacher I can attest to that. When you teach you are a constant student-always learning about how to be better at what you do, what not to do next time, how to relate to your students, etc. Its a never ending flow of learning that happens in a classroom. Or rather what should happen in a classroom.

There's nothing more satisfying when you're teaching someone (anyone really) and you find a way to get through to them. Its like a huge sigh of relief. A YES! moment!

Can you see now why Sidney Poitier is so darn fabulous! He just lights up the scenes, even when he's upset he is electric!

In the beginning of video four that I posted a wise female teacher says to Mr. Thackeray, "So long as we learn, it doesn´t matter who teaches us." I wish more teachers would approach teaching in that manner, don't you?

Lessoned learned after watching part five-just because you want to fling your student out of the window-you DON'T really do that! That gym teacher was bit off-Mr. Thackarey knows how to be cool as a cucumber. Ahhhh I can practice some of that after a full day of mommying. (if thats not a real word-its okay-making up words is a form of expression and creativity lol)

What do you do with yourself when the last thing you thought you would ever be good at just fills you with unbridled joy? You keep doing it of course (I mean if its legal and doesn't hurt anyone!) Making yourself happy makes all those who love you best happy as well.

Come on admit it!! You think this 60's music is rocking! Those dances moves were crazzzzzzzzy weren't they? But I'm sure my children will think voguing and breakdancing was crazy too when they get older. Sheesh I love the 80's!

Side Note: Lulu who sings the theme song, "To Sir, With Love" became famous in the U.S. with this song. The words are touching and inspirational. How can you not get teary eyed when listening to it?

Does it surprise you what he decides to do in the end? What would you do? I know I loved my girls (students) and I loved giving of myself the way I did. It was a special time for me those seven years I spent guiding and teaching and learning. I learned so much from them.

Well I hoped you enjoyed this Weekend Cinema Spotlight viewing. I am unsure if I will be able to post the film of choice every weekend but I hope it inspires you to look beyond what you know and try something different. Black and white next time? Yeah I think I may just do that!


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