Monday, July 18, 2011

Becoming a Pinup Part I

If you ask my closest and dearest friends they know that I have been wanting to have professional pictures taken of myself for years. For some reason I didn't go for it. Looking back now I kind of wish I had but there is no point in having regrets, right? Right!

After the birth of my youngest munchkin in November 2010 I found an ad on my Facebook page that spoke of having a pinup makeover and pictures taken. I normally ignore those ads but I clicked on it and found Bettina May-a Canadian Burlesque Performer who also does pinup modeling and teaching on the side. "How fun!" I muttered to myself but thought it would be impossible with of course me not having an income other than dirty diapers and cute faces to wash.

My husband to the rescue!! He truly is my HERO! He knew that I was struggling to reconnect with myself and with my body post-pregnancies and he offered to have me sign up for a session with Bettina as a gift to me. What an amazing gift he has given to me because I am now on this incredible journey and who knows where it will lead me...exciting!

Okay so on June 10th, 2011 with Papa over at our house to babysit and my things packed and ready to go, we left to drive to Brooklyn. I was surprisingly calm for the ride over and only got anxious when we parked our car.

Could I have carried any more bags! Sheesh! LOL

When we rang her doorbell no one answered and then I got beyond anxious LOL A neighbor mentioned she lived there and we told him that she was expecting us. My husband came along for moral support and also its always safer to go with someone to a photo shoot!

And before I went into sheer panic mode-there she was! She was so sweet and kind and we got started right away. First I picked out my outfits and then she set my hair in hot rollers. I made sure my hair was "dirty" by washing it Monday night so it was good and ready for Friday and it was!

Don't I look fashionable! Oh yeahhh!

The only concerns I had flowing through my head although having just had Papito you would think I would be concerned about my figure-I wasn't so much. I was concerned over my annoying white hairs poking around everywhere, my calves of course, and um why did I have a pimple on my chin!!?? I never get blemishes anymore-I mean NEVER! It must have been the excitement of waiting all week!

Bettina then went from my hair to my face. She said that pinup makeup is like working on a painting. You have to put a lot of it and make sure its pretty. She also told me that if I look like a harlot then that's a good thing...oh dear! Best Part: The Lashes! Wow! That was something VERY new to me!

The transformation continues!

I had to bring my own makeup for the shoot so I purchased my face powder, cover up, and cream blush from Clinque because I like that they have makeup for sensitive skin. I also bought my lipstick, nail polish, and lashes from Urban Decay. I choose the "Come Hither" lashes but they have a wonderful selection of lashes to choose from at such a good price-cant beat that! The rest was purchased at my local Walgreen's *giggle*

Another cool aspect of the makeup process were the cat eyes. I purchased my liquid liner from Walgreen's and it works fabulous! Bettina put mascara on my eyelashes first, then the false lashes, and then finally the liquid liner. Both the lashes and liner take a bit to dry up but its worth the patience because the result was amazing! The makeup is simple but it makes a statement-another reason why I love the 40's-50's. How can a girl resist!

Here are some variations of the Cat Eye that you can practice at home:

Now that my hair was taken out of the hot rollers and my makeup was in place-the next step were the outfits. Playing dress-up at thirty-five is just as much fun as when I was a little girl! I loved the process. Tune in for the end result-Becoming a Pinup Part II.


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