Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creating a Pinup Look on the Cheap!

Okay let's be real and very honest because I know most people are acting like the economy is not affecting their finances but I am going to keep it real as say "WAKE UP PEOPLE" we are in a recession!!! And by the way its only going to get worse before it gets any better! For some reason though almost everyone I know-married, single, committed, kids, no kids, etc are acting like its not affecting them. All I have to say is "WOW" denial is truly rampant these days!

On that note, with all the research and learning I have been doing on pinup I have noticed one really BIG and important aspect and its that pinup clothing is expensive. There I said it! Bathing suits cost over $115 dollars, dresses cost anywhere from $45 to $200 or more! Then there are shoes, under garments, accessories, makeup, hair products---its all adds up!

And if you have more than one mouth to feed (meaning not just your own) its a VERY pricey hobby or career path to follow. That's not even including photo shoots, photos for your portfolio, trips to events, etc.

In my case there are six mouths to feed in my house--two adults, three babies, and one fur baby with a very good appetite LOL So of course I am on a mission to find nice retro-inspired or even vintage outfits and accessories!

Yes, I am fully aware that I live in New York and there are a zillion thrift stores etc but my situation at hand is that I am the full-time care taker to my children. My incredible hubby works two full time jobs and takes care of us in one way and I take care of him and the children in others ways. I'm so grateful that we work so well as a team-if not none of this would work very well at all.

So I digress--whenever I am able to I am sure to delve into the amazing world of NYC thrift shops etc but until then its all online for me.

I think before you even buy something you really need to ask yourself these questions: (not in order of importance)

  1. How many times would I wear this outfit?
  2. Am I going to dress this way all the time or just for photo shoots?
  3. What are my measurements and whats my size overall?
  4. What colors look best on me?
  5. What styles flatter what I have and not diminish them?
Those are just a few things you should consider before making a purchase. Now when I am at home with the kiddies jeans and a t-shirt works best for me. Thirty minutes into putting on my clothes I usually have stains and food particles all over me so dressing in vintage gear on a daily basis at home is well non-functional. But going out on a date (a date? whats that?) with hubby is another story. When we do go out I would like to dress up and add a little retro flair to my wardrobe. Like some comfy retro jeans and a cute top with my red lipstick and curls in my hair. I like the idea. Someday. Someday....

Let's now move unto my awesome find that I would like to share with you. I have always wanted a retro-inspired bathing suit but the ones I have found are usually $115 and up. Personally I think that price is ridiculous because well how many times will you use it? Yes! New York has beaches but without a minivan at the moment to situate all three in their perspective car seats I knew there would be none of that this summer. I have to think practical!

I found a link on one of the pinup websites I am a member of and when I clicked on it someone posted something that I was shocked to find---drum roll please----a retro-inspired bathing suit for---$32 dollars!!!!!

Oh yeah your eyes are NOT playing tricks on you---its so true! And now guess from where???? WALMART! I just had to snatch one up and OMG its amazing! It fits beautifully, its attractive, and it even gives some support!

It's so comfy too!!

Can you believe this find??! So defiantly check out Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls. You can even click on the links here to go directly to their websites!

With every outfit a girl must have some accessories, right? I already have earrings and a flower to go with this bathing suit but what I wanted was a pair of really hip cat eye sunglasses. And I found them at the amazing price of $6.99! That's half the price of other pinup clothing sites alone! I purchased them from a NY based company called Cats Like Us. They are super nice, reply to your emails, package their items beautifully as you can see from the picture below, and have great pieces that you won't find in other online sites. I highly recommend them!
My super cool cat eye sunglasses!! Just fab!!

I spent in total before shipping costs $38.99 and I have one total outfit! And if you are wondering-yes I will be modeling this outfit for you soon! I will be meeting up with an amazing makeup artist within the next two weeks to do what I call "Pinup Practice". I will defiantly post pictures and information about her. Cannot wait for it!

Til then, keep searching the web and all the stores you can get your hands on. The sales are out there and the affordable outfits are out there too! Just be patient and little by little before you know it you will have yourself a very nice retro-inspired wardrobe all yours! Ahhh that sounds lovely, doesn't it!?


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  1. I agree! Pull your heads outta the sand people! We have a looming debt crisis! Nearly all of my clothes have to perform multiple functions. I have a checklist in my head. Can I wear it to work and out at night with a couple of quick changes? Is it unique, but not overly so that I will wear it once? Finally, is it too similar to other things in my closet! I love and I mean LOVE clothes and shoes and I've managed some awesome buys at nearly every store I've shopped at! I also keep in mind is that eventually everything goes on sale and when that sale comes around and the stars align, that baby's mine!


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