Thursday, July 14, 2011

Becoming a Mama aka Multitasker Extraordinaire

Becoming a mother has been a lifelong dream of mine. Call me corny but its true. I don't know if its because of my own mothers influence on me or just all me but I have known almost my whole life that this is what I wanted. I also knew I wanted to be a wife. By the time I was twenty-six I honestly gave up on the whole idea. I didn't want to be a mother without a husband and I purposefully made decisions that would ensure that would not happen. Because you see I never really met anyone who accepted me fully for exactly who I was-warts and all. (I don't really have warts lol).

Then I went an old college friends wedding on December 1, 2002 and there he was! Although he spotted me first-we ended up sitting next to each other during the reception-talked for a bit. All I kept thinking was "OMG he's so nice and cute!" Ironically those were the things I was praying for months before-I love surprises don't you?

Anyway we spoke the next night, went on our first date on December 7th, 2002 and basically the rest is history as they say. Almost three years later we married at one of the places we went to on our first date.

 August 20th, 2005

A year after we were married we became pregnant with our first child-a daughter. When she turned one we became pregnant with our son and when our first son turned eight months we became pregnant with our third child. Phew! My fingers are tired just writing that down LOL

Pregnant with my first child~my princess~2007

I went from single to a teacher to a wife to a mother to a stay at home mother. My world is different than it was at twenty-six but its everything I have wanted. With that being said being a mother in my position does have its many pluses and some minus. I like to call them challenges.

My Mama duties include the following:
  • Giving Baths
  • Feeding-two walking toddlers and a newborn
  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Washing and Prepping bottles
  • Figuring out the menus for the week-then cooking
  • Organizing the home
  • Decorating and Decluttering the home
  • Keeping the kids rooms in order
  • Keeping their clothes in order-the right sizes and for the right weather
  • Putting clothes away
  • Doing all the beds
  • Cleaning, dusting, and Vacuuming the house on a almost daily basis
  • Tending to and feeding our cat
  • Keeping the disorganization to a minimal
  • Cleaning up after the kids-its 24/7
  • Decorating and Planning Holidays
  • Planning Birthday Parties-takes up to three months to put together (but I love it!)
  • Entertaining three different age groups on the level they understand
  • Disciplining (not my favorite for sure)
  • Teaching manners, languages, A,B,C's, body parts-you name it I teach it.
  • Implementing various activities such as movie time, arts and crafts time, reading time, play time...
  • Setting up and hosting play dates for socialization
  • Doing research on anything kid or family related
  • Playing our family activities
I am sure there is more and I know there will be more coming soon as my eldest will begin school in September. I LOVE what I am doing and I LOVE being able to be there for them literally every second of the day. The challenges I face are that any normal, healthy person would be facing. Such as,  not having any ME time, not having a social life, and not having an income.

I am often told-oh at least once I week I hear this-"I don't know how you do it?". But really now its truly is like a balancing act. I am a professional juggler! I think the circus can hire me once all the babies are in school full time LOL

On a serious note the hardest parts of my day are being alone-since my husband works two jobs and works seven days a week. And the other hard parts is trying to take care of the house and be able to do some things for myself. That last part though happens at one or two in the morning. And my friends wonder why I get to sleep late...I'm trying to have some time for myself. I, of course pay the price the next day but at least I am trying to have that balance between being a MAMA and being ME.

Taking care of my children comes easy to me. It's such a joy and dammit they are so wonderful-so sweet-so lovable-its just makes being a mama such an easy state of being. Now as I attempt to do some things for myself I think its fair to say that some more balls will be thrown up in the air for me to juggle. Oh well at least my arms will be in good shape!

So I'm curious-if youre a mama or just simply have a lot to get done in one day-how do you manage to juggle it all?


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