Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Becoming a Pinup: After Party!

Bettina May and I~June 10th, 2011

After amazing afternoon with the fabulous Bettina May, my husband and I went on our own adventure together---a DATE---without kids---AND---me in my full pinup makeup...lashes and all! Bettina suggested to me that I keep them on and I did-what fun!

From Brooklyn we drove to our favorite restaurant in Manhattan called Boca Chica Restaurant. We went there on our very first date almost six years ago. Seriously the food is to die for! The Pina Coladas alone will leave your mouth tingling for hours and I highly recommend it without alcohol. You really need to check this place out! Mouth watering!


I found it amusing when older folks would be staring at me. Keep in mind my makeup was very heavy and well I looked like a pinup doll from 1945! Whoaoaaa I loved it-you know I did! Mind you I am the last person in the world who likes people staring at me but this was a good staring. I know I looked good! Admit it, you know its true LOL
I have always thought I was a cute person but I have never felt more beautiful and sexy than when I was pregnant with my children. I loved how my body looked and how I felt. And I really felt amazing every time. So for me to feel attractive and sexy post-babies was an accomplishment for me.

After dinner we walked around Houston Street and passed by our old hang out spots when we were single and when we were in our dating years. Such fun! And holding hands was the best! I mean its such a rare thing to be able to do while one of us is usually pushing a double stroller and the other holding hands with a toddler. Its those little things you take for granted sometimes-we enjoyed every minute of it.

And being the silly gal I can sometimes be I just couldn't resist doing some more poses around town. What a sight! People must have thought I was nuts but I went ahead and did it anyway.

Being the Pinup doll that I am!

Even after all the excitement of meeting Bettina and the incredible photo shoot---dinner and a long walk---when we returned home I still couldn't stop hamming it up for the camera!!!

It's offical ladies and gentlemen-I am hooked!

This experience taught me so much. It taught me that you shouldn't give up on yourself for any reason. That you should think postively and be confidant especially when all the odds are against you. That you should try something new-you might surprise yourself. And also that there truly is no greater love than the love you have for yourself.

I love ME-she's one of my best friends. And in order to be a true friend to ME I am will always be kind, honest, and loving to her but best of all I will always have those pom-poms to cheer her on in anything she sets her heart and mind to do!


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