Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To Roll or Not To Roll...That is the Question!

To Roll or Not to Roll...seriously I have never and I mean never been good with my hair. I don't know if growing up without my mom or not having many women in my life plays into that but yeah ponytails it is. Its easier and I can do that! Or I would go to the hair salon with my usually long hair and have it blown straight and pay up to forty dollars every time---yeah not a good thing for ones wallet!

Now lets take a brief stroll through memory lane and look at PinupMama's history of hair!

Moi circa 1980-My hair was kept long and cute thanks to my mom!

This is 6th grade circa 1987 and Grandma had control 
over what happened to my hair-oh dear!

I haven't scanned HS pictures yet but I had a few disasters then.
This is me while in college. No this is not 1972 but rather 1996-I was full on into my hippie phase-way better than grunge don't you agree??!

And now this is me as I usually am although this was taken circa 2007.
Ponytails are easy but they are getting on my nerves! LOL

So now that you have a little background of what my hair has gone through the years and now that you know that I have currently three babies three and under you can understand why my hair is always in that damn ponytail! BUT even though I have had hair challenges in my past I feel obligated to learn how to do a few vintage hairstyles for myself.

First step is to purchase some hot rollers! And I did-I found some at this amazing website called Ulta, if you click on the name you will not only get to the website but also see the hot rollers I have.  Now I don't know if you have noticed but I have really thick hair and a lot of it! Unfortunatly I don't think I have enough hot rollers in the pack I purchased and may have to get another but for now I am practicing and doing the best I can with what I have!

STEP ONE: Make sure the kiddies are either sleeping or hubby is home so I can focus on my hair. I am going to keep it real-its nearly impossible for me to practice doing my hair during the day and by time its possible its 12 am or 1 am! My first hair practice was at 2am and never again! And NO I won't post those pics-the horror! LOL

STEP TWO: Get all of my supplies out---hot rollers, hair spray, comb, bobby pins, and red lipstick. Why red lipstick do you say? Its helps me get out of the mama state of being and into the PinupMama mood!

STEP THREE: Heat the hot rollers, spray hair, and roll them in! Now I know its better to spray each piece of hair before the rollers go in but honestly its really hard to press the button with my forfinger-the explaintion can be read it in this blog post.
STEP FOUR: After letting them stay in for about 15 mins or so-I then took them out and played around with my hair a bit.

End result...not that bad...but practice makes kinda perfect---LOL

So my curls weren't tight but I got some sort of look going on. Sheesh I feel so hapless and helpless when it comes to these things. Sometimes I just want to live in my jeans and t-shirts and ponytails forever because its just so much easier.

BUT I just really don't want to. I think I have more in me to express than people imagine or assume about me. I need to explore it-why the heck not? Because I am a mom--because I am stay home mom---oh heck no--so tired of putting limitations on myself or having others place them on me. My being a mom will always be first but this---this is for ME!

Hopefully in future posts you will see some Victory Rolls in my hair--done by me! Miracles can happen right?



  1. I know exactly what you mean. I first turned to vintage because I was so tired of my "mom" clothes. I usually do rag curls or pin curls at night before bed, after the kids fall asleep. In the morning, all I have to do is pull the curls out and brush my hair.
    One thing I will recommend for a busy mom is a snood! I live in those things. They slip right on and look cute but keep my hair out of little fingers and free of baby puke. (It's a glamorous life, isn't it?) You can buy inexpensive rayon snoods at many mall stores or online but if you're handy with a crochet hook, a handmade snood is much nicer!
    For your hot rollers, if you're having a hard time keeping a curl, I use diluted Lotta Body (from sally beauty supply). Apply it with a spray bottle, blow dry, set in hot rollers and leave them in till they're completely cool. Remove rollers and you'll have a really nice curl that doesn't fall out in 5 minutes! :) Good luck!! xoxo

  2. Snood-what a cute name-will def do some research on it. Thank you for understanding-us mamas need to stick together! xox


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