Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Becoming a Pinup Part II

Oh yeah this IS me...cool huh?

So where were we gang? Oh yes the transformation.....doesn't that word sound exciting!? Well it was especially for me since I have been wearing bummy pants and t-shirts for four years and my  hair in a ponytail LOL

My first look was a homage to Mad Men-very early 60's chic. Bettina was so generous she actually let me use some of her own personal items as props for the shoot. I mean how cool is that!!!

Mama working the sexy..hehehe

I did purchase my own shoes---from Pinup Girl Clothing and boy were the gorgeous! They were black pumps with a bow in the front. Of course the kind of shoes I cannot wear-I mean at all. I am bound to sneakers and shopping at the orthopedic shoe store. The plus side is I will always be wearing comfortable shoes!

Anyway-I tried them on and oh my I thought they would somehow fit on me especially if I shoved them in slowly. Thing is my toes don't have as much feeling as the rest of my feet so when I put them in they curl up and get stuck. Fabulous, right! But Bettina came to my rescue and she lent me her leopard open toe shoes and I discovered those are the perfect kind of shoes I can wear at a pinup photo shoot. I was able to settle in my toes and be comfy and look great. For me shoes will always have to be a prop  not an accessory as it is for most women.

My second look was more of a vintage housewife meets Lucille Ball. I was a wee bit nervous in the beginning of the first shoot I'm not going to lie but as we got into the second look I became more relaxed and more confident as well.

Doing pinup is definitely a learning process. Of course as everything is but there are specific modeling poses and expressions one must use in order to get the feel of a pinup. Bettina asked me to say the vowels and that would in turn help me make those open mouth expressions. What a great tip!

Straight from 1945!

I always knew that my face didn't quite fit into modern times. To top this off-how many of you would guess that I'm Latina??!! So when I saw this picture I was just blown away! This is it! This is what I want to do and FINALLY my looks fit in somewhere!! Just that somewhere happens to be about 70 years ago!!

Then the time came that I was doing my final look. My outfit was this super cute vintage romper that was so comfortable that I ended up purchasing it at a Brooklyn store called Guvnors Vintage Thrift Store. I mean you when you find something that's cute and comfy-great combination-its a must buy for sure!

Feeling incredible!

By the end of my experience with Bettina May I found myself feeling amazing, inspired, energized, confidant, and most importantly Beautiful! I knew it was something that would make me happy but I didn't know that it would make me feel the way it did.

The experience with Bettina inspired me to take a leap of faith---in myself. To begin this journey back to ME-the me who is now married with three incredible babies. I don't know where all of this will lead me but after so many years cheering and supporting others I am now taking out my pom-poms and cheering for myself!

It's not selfish--I am not taking away from my relationships and I would never take away my precious time with my children. This is simply something for me that makes me HAPPY!

This song sums up exactly how I felt (and still feel) after my very first Pinup experience. Enjoy!

The Glen Miller Band~In the Mood



  1. Gorgeous!! (I know, i said it before, but why not say it again. lol) You look great, PN!!!

  2. I took a break from studying and read your entire blog! I love it. Great job so far. Oh course I think you look so great as a pin-up! I can't wait for you to do it again. I love that you love classic movies like me. I am loving Netflix right now because I can watch them all the time. This past weekend I watched "The Facts of Life", with Lucielle Ball and Bob Hope. Can't wait to read your movie selection for this weekend. Thanks so much for inviting me to your blog. Talk to you soon!


  3. Thank you Rosie! And thank you Jessica! Classic Film and that entire time is history holds a special place in my heart. I appreciate your comments and support!! xox


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