Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bunny's Vision Board: One Year Later!

Believe it or not but today marks ONE year since I created my very first Vision Board. The last two years prior to last September was really (and I mean really) hard for my family. We were struggling with many things. But there came a point where I said to myself (and to the Universe) that I have had enough. My husband and I both work ourselves to the bone every day and ya know sometimes you just need to catch a break. Sometimes you need for something to happen to let you know you are doing good and that to encourage you to keep going.

Well, I have always been an avid dreamer. I think when I had moments of hard times growing up, it was my dreams that kept me going. Some people call them goals but I call them dreams.

If you would like to take a peak at my Vision Board from last year you can see it HERE and also the six months later post on it HERE.

I want you all to know that in life great and good things happen and also bad and horrible things happen. It truly is how we deal with it afterwards that makes the difference. And what is the point of hardships if you cannot learn from them right?

I have to tell you a year after my first Vision Board I learned to be more patient, to be kinder to myself, more understanding to my husband, and that it is perfectly okay to dream BIG!

So many things came true on my Vision Board. I added both photos (visuals) and words on my board and everyday I looked at them and everyday I put it out to the Universe what I wanted for myself and my family. I know, I know, I sound like a total hippie. But hey, I was born in the 70s!

Here are some of the dreams/goals/wishes achieved in 2011-2012:

  • Being published in Vintage Life Magazine
  • Getting a safer car for my family
  • Doing more creative photo shoots
  • Becoming more confidant in my post-babies body
  • Becoming more financially stable
  • Building my vintage wardrobe
  • Learning more vintage hairstyles
  • Becoming a better blogger
For my first year as a Vision Board maker I decided to create a new Vision Board. And my husband joined in too! Yeah! Here is my new board!
I haven't added my words yet but I am still pondering them. With the boards I make I choose an idea or word to be the focus. Last year said "success" this year says "blog". This year I also wanted to put less on my board and to focus on less dreams too. Everything I put on my boards is attainable. I don't put anything on there that I know couldn't possibly come true.

So that's it! What do you all think? 

I hope you are inspired to create one for yourselves. And oh the photo of the ladies body is not me-its the dream of getting healthier and fully accepting my post-babies tummy for what it is. I am half way there ladies-half way there!


  1. <3! you rock! total inspirationand you really have rocked last years vision board dreams into reality ! wtg!

    1. Oh thanks sweetie! Whoot!!! Make one too!!! xox

  2. I love it!! Especially the huge list of things you've accomplished! Well done indeed. I think I should make a vision board too!

    1. Thanks babes-yeahhhhh! I hope you do-it really does helps and I say dream BIG! xox

  3. Yay for everything you have accomplished!!!! So exciting! I need to get on making mine for the year.

  4. I'm so happy that you're finally achieving some of your goals, your dreams. I went back to the post of one year ago and I love the idea and I love how you dream big and never give up. Go on like this, sweet Bunny, and I want to see where you go :)

  5. What a lovely, positive post! I am so glad that you have achieved so many of your dreams, Bunny! Here's to many more of them coming true (especially visiting the UK)!

  6. OH thank you so much everyone!! xox


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