Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Choo Choo...Next stop...Mother's Day at the Transit Museum!

Happy Mother's Day to you all-wherever you may be in the world!

Typically on Mother's Day here in the states, families take their mothers out for dinner. Since I have small children, I wanted to do something that could be for all of us. And of course I wanted a reason to get all dolled up!
Brooklyn Transit Museum
 We went to the Brooklyn Transit Museum located in Brooklyn Heights. The neat thing about this museum is that it is literally in a train station!
My children had a blast with all the touch activities they had. Figuring out how electricity is made was a thrill for my kiddies.
The way they set up the museum was fantastic. They had an area where you learn how the tunnels were created and an area where you learn how trains are conducted. There was also an area where you can see all the various turnstiles that were used starting from 1894!
Yes they had a real bus for kids to get on! My lil ones were in heaven as you can imagine. Even I had to join in the fun hehe
My husband and I are both graduates from St. John's University so it was a hoot to see a part of the bus that was used in commuting to the school when it was originally a part of Brooklyn.
 This is the closest I got to having a photo with all three of my babies. I love them...sigh.
 Inside one of the antique trains. This one was from 1916. The seats were sooo comfortable and spacious! I also enjoyed looking at all the ads they placed on top. So neat to see up close!
After visiting the museum we walked around the neighborhood which was stunning and went home for some proper rest and relaxing. Honestly, it was a perfect Mother's Day. I couldn't have asked for anything more than to be with the two things I love the most-my family and vintage.



  1. That picture of you in the ticket booth *!*!*! What a stunner Bunny!

  2. That is so neat!! So glad you could share it with your little bunny babies!!

  3. I love the ticket booth picture. It almost looks like you had the place to yourself. How cool to step back into some of the old trains! Looks like lots of fun with the family! Loved seeing the bunny babies:) You did a great job with your hair:) I can also see the great red lipstick shinning through even in the images of you far away, love it:) Fun!

  4. Thank you ladies! The bunny babies had a blast! Its def a must see place if you are ever in Manhattan! xox

  5. This would be super interesting! And you look adorable as well! ;-)

  6. Great photo op!! What a happy day!

  7. Happy Mother's Day Bunny! Looks like you and your family had a fabulous day :) BTW you look AMAZING! Your hair is perfect! Well done!!!

  8. Awwww... looks like so much fun! You look fabulous as usual!!! Happy belated Mothers Day, Bunny hunny!

  9. What an awesomely fun looking day! I love your classic navy blue dress, dear Bunny. That shot of you behind the ticket booth is really fantastic - talk about a dream vintage prop/setting. Thank you for sharing this great day out with all of us (btw, your kids are the cutest!).

    ♥ Jessica

  10. What a fun place to go! You look positively marvelous in that ticket booth!

  11. Happy belated Mother's Day Bunny! You really look great in the ticket booth,right out of the 1940s! I definitely need to visit that awesome museum. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us. Your children are beautiful!

  12. Thanks mama! Those old trains were so cool!!! xox

  13. Happy Mother's Day lovely! It looks like a fantastic day.

  14. i would never have thought to go to a transit museum but it looks super interesting! and you look lovely, and perfect i that ticket counter ;)
    happy belated mother's day to you


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