Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thrifting adventures continue!

Yeah! My blog is finally back to normal!! Sheesh-I couldn't type or anything for a day and a half-truly annoying hehe And now I get to share with you about my thrifting trip that I went on yesterday!

My husband and I still just had our youngest with us so we ventured off to another part of Queens called "Sunnyside". It was pretty descent-not too urban and not too suburban-a nice mix I would say. I first checked the shop shown above. It was called online "Good Buy Thrift Shop" but now discovered they had a name change and are now called "Sunnyside Thrift Shop", located at 46-25 Greenpoint Avenue. It was small but very clean and organized. I cannot say I found anything special about the place. They had some pretty necklaces but the prices were $5.00 and up and I was looking more for the "dollar menu" if you know what I mean..hehehee

My boys outside the thrift shop-way too cute!

I dashed in and pretty much dashed out-but I liked that it was clean and organized-a big plus for me always. I didn't expect to find another thrift shop but about a block down (and across the street) I found another one called "Adam's Thrift Shop", located at 45-14 Greenpoint Avenue. I liked this one much better because it was bigger and even more organized than the first one. It has rows and rows and clothes and lots of jeans. I may go back one day to check out the jeans because they were prices at $6-8.00 which I thought was pretty good. Not a lot of kids items but loads of adult clothes. In two baby pack n' plays they put hats in one and scarves in another. I didn't find anything close to being vintage or evern looking vintage, but I did help two young girls.

I couldn't help myself. One told the other, "I wonder if they have a changing room?". I took it as my chance to share the knowledge about thrifting and vintage buying that I have been learning. I told the girls that they should always carry their measurements written down in their purse and they should always carry a measureing tape. They were really grateful I shared that with them and thanked me. I also think they probably thought I was a crazy thrift lady talking to strangers-ahhhhh you just have to love New York!

My two "new" pretty bracelets!

I did find a white bracelet that I wanted for a shoot in April and it was marked $2.00, so I went to the owner and asked if he would sell it to me for $1.00 and he did! I got these two for $1.00 each-yeah me!

I didn't score a lot but I was grateful to get out and about and at least check these shops out in person. There are a few more I want to check out in Queens before I venture off into Manhattan. Unfortunately we had to cut our thrifting short because my little guy got sicky pooh in the car. All my children are still getting rid of their congestion and his was a little worse, he coughed and there it all came out. My first child to get sick in the car too-poor baby! But better out than in and he was relaxed and calm about it all. He's just an amazing little man.

We went straight home and cleaned him up and he was much better by the evening. Today we are back to normal with three kids at home. Tomorrow my husband goes back to work (he had Monday and Tuesday off this week) and my daughter has no school this week so the mommy adventures shall continue on.

I'm super glad I had a wee bit of a chance to go on some thrifting adventures and look forward to more in the future!!



  1. I love a good bargain. Those bracelets are lovely. I can't wear those types of bracelets because I have big hands.

  2. Yay for thrifting! I'm going on a girls thrifting day this weekend and i"m so excited! :D

  3. love your new bracelets!! I'm hoping to get the hubs to take me to a thrift shop today! :P

  4. I can only imagine what it must be like to thrift in New York City. Siiiigh. Jealous. ;) Those bracelets are fabulous!

  5. Oh it was fun but def. a little more difficult when you have a time frame and a sicky baby with you hehehe Jennifer-I have yet to experience the fabulousness of NY thrifting but hopefully one day soon hehehe xox

  6. Hi Bunny! How much fun you must have had, apart from your little darling not being well. I hope he iss feeling better now. I am so proud of you for re-discovering thrifting! I love it! Each time I go, it is a treasure hunt! It's also a great way to take your mind off any worries you might have. I know that is for me. I ony just saw your Skype message! So sorry I was not available.
    Take care and happy thrifting Sweetie! xxxx

  7. Hi Penni! No worries about Skype-it was a spur of the moment thing-will email beforehand next time hehehe He is much better now thank goodness! He's a little trooper. I am loving the thrifting-wish I could do it every weekend but when I can I will enjoy every second of it! HUGS!!!! xox

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