Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

"The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" (1947)

Well the month of February is almost gone and I wanted to share one more super romantic film with you all. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir stars Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison. This film is considered a romantic fantasy since the lead character of "Lucy Muir" falls in love with ghost by the name of "Captain Daniel Gregg" (Harrison). Falling in love with a ghost sounds impossible but not in Hollywood!

Mrs. Muir and the Captain

Lucy Muir finds herself a widow with a young child and feeling stuck living with her mother and sister in laws. She decides to live on her own and that was seen as very daring and risque in the early 20th century. She rents out a cottage that was previously owner by a Captain Gregg who also happens to still haunt it!

Parts of the film set to modern music-pretty nice actually.

As time passes, the Captain and Lucy become friends and when she no longer can afford to live independently in the cottage he offers to dictate to her his life story. In doing so, she is able to write a book that becomes published and huge success, allowing her to continue to live in his cottage. During the process they both fall in love, but the Captain knows that their love is doomed and tells her while she is sleeping that he never existed-hoping she can find love with someone that was alive.

Lucy does fall for someone, but that someone ends up being a married man (George Sanders-I love his work!!). Lucy decides to remain a widow and to live out her life quietly in the cottage by the sea. Her only child, Anna, grows up and has a daughter of her own. Time continues to pass on and along with her maid Martha (Edna Best), they grow old. The final scene shows Lucy passing on and the spirit of her younger self reaching out for the hands of her Captain.

Truly endearing and romantic film. One of my favorites!!!



  1. I haven't seen this movie but it is on my must-see list. I have a thing for George Sanders, but I'd like to see it not just for that.

  2. I so agree with you-totally have a thing for him too-he wont dissapoint in this film at all!! xox


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