Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Make your own Valentine's!

I love all the neat vintage Valentine's from yesteryear but I am also a huge sucker for things that are handmade. I just love that crafty element to making something with your own hands-don't you?

So in case you were thinking of making your own Valentine's this year-here is a simply idea that you can do yourself, with your friends, or with your children.

This year I wanted to make ours simple and use materials we already had at home. We used construction paper, red acrylic pant, sponge brush, black marker, foam heart stickers, and baby hands!

We made fifteen of them and my children were great sports. The only little hand we had some troubles with was my fifteen month old and hey-you can't really blame the little guy can you?

Acrylic paint is awesome to use on many projects and especially with children because it washes out easily with water! Yeah for washable products!!

We did not put their hand prints in age order because we were just glad they wanted to have some fun with paint and just let them put their hand where they wanted it. It does help to press down on their fingers a bit when their hands are on the paper and also hold the paper down when you take off their hand.

And here is the end result! Afterwards, I added their names and ages to each hand print so that those who get one in the mail can always remember how little they were.

It was fun to get messy and it took about thirty minutes to get them done. My husband helped me and that sped up the process too. It's super simple but says so much!

Made from the heart! That's how my family and I roll!



  1. I LOVE home made crafts. I prefer to give people things I put time into. I feel it has more meaning than something bought.

  2. Hi Bunny!

    How are you Blossom! I just love this idea, and what a beautiful helper you have! Just precious!
    Love Penni x


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