Monday, February 27, 2012

Vintage Dreams Do Come True!

I believe in magic. I believe in miracles. I believe in good things happening to good people. I believe that anything is possible.

With that being said, I recall having promised you all, my amazing and awesome readers, that I would share with you when the time was right about the birthday present my husband gave to me.

Now as you all know, I am a stay at home mother to three young children, I don't get out very much for various reasons but they are all valid and uncontrollable reasons and its just the situation that it is at this very moment in time. I have always loved vintage but just rediscovered my passion for pinup and vintage living over the summer. I really needed something just for me. I am happy and content giving myself to my family everyday but after the birth of my youngest I realized more than ever that a happy mommy makes her family even happier.

Basically, its important to take care of yourself especially when you spend your days taking care of others.

Are things tight on my end? Yes. But with a lot of planning and being careful here and there my husband gave me a gift that to be honest I am still in awe that he has given me.

Come this April I will be visiting my friend Brittany who also happens to be the blogger and ultra fabulous vintage mama at Va-Voom Vintage!

Honestly, its been years since I have spent quality ME time and girltime with a great girlfriend. My closest girlfriends are scattered between other parts of New York, Massachusetts, and Florida. One of my very best friends lives all the way in England! And although we have the phone and have skype (thank goodness for those contraptions!)--I do miss doing fun and silly girl stuff.

I almost gave up on making new friends and blogging gave me one of my best gifts, my friendship with Brittany. She has a warm heart, fun loving attitude, and just a good old-fashioned down-to-earth person. Just the kind of friend every girl should have.

I feel very lucky to be able to blog about the things I love and to be able to share with you my process of becoming a vintage mama! I also look forward to sharing my adventures with Brittany come this Spring. Bunny and Brittany will take over St. Louis!! Heheh I simply cannot wait!

To help continue to fundraise for my trip I am selling a few items in my Etsy Store. I will be posting more items shortly. I will also be selling at my usual yard sales in front of my home as soon as the weather gets a wee bit warmer. Lastly, I have a Donate button at the side of my blog-if you would like to donate to this mama's vintage adventures it would be so greatly appreciated!

I am so glad to be able to share this amazing gift with all of you. I feel super blessed and very lucky and totally and completely EXCITED!

Thank you for all of your support and for always being so wonderful to me!



  1. horray!!!!!! I am over the moon with excitement! We are going to have SO much fun!!!!! x

  2. I am too! Still in awe-will probably still be when my plane lands hehehe xox

  3. How lovely! And it's so true- you have to make time for yourself! If Mummy's happy- everybody is happy! My kid's are big now, but when they were tiny I learned the very hard way that I had to take care of myself too- otehrwise I couldn't take care of anyone.

  4. Thank you Isis for those lovely thoughts. Its hard to realize those things but in the end the babies wont be babies forever and you have to still continue to make a life for yourself as well as be mommy-so much juggling to do hehehe xox


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