Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: I Was A Male War Bride

"I Was a Male War Bride" (1949)

Cary Grant stars in this romantic comedy with Ann Sheridan. Grant plays the usual straight faced character he was known for but I must say I found his character to be hilarious! I really start to feel for the guy! Watch the movie and you will see what I mean! Heheh

"I Was a Male War Bride" Trailer

It's about two military personnel-one American and one French-post World War II who go on one last mission together. They have a long and incredibly dramatic and funny work history. Sheridan's character, "Catherine Gates" is none too happy about working with "Henri Rochard" (Grant) again. It seems he used to have sticky fingers when it came to her or to every female for that matter. Before you know it they end up in some wacky situations that have you cringing and laughing out loud all at once!

In my opinion, I felt as if there are two films in one. There's one where they are working together and always being angry with one another, then there's the part of the film where they fall in love and work against all odds at remaining with one another.

You see, Gates is told she has to report back to the United States. Sounds simple right? Well, they are in Germany and he happens to be French. They have to go through piles of paper work in order to get married and then have three differnet ceremonies (civil, army, and church) in order to make it official.

But to leave the country together, Rochard has to dress himself up as a woman and file himself under the "War Bride Act" in order to leave the country with his brand new wife. Mind you, they find out they have to leave the country the night they were married so poor Rochard didn't even have the chance to spend his first night with his new bride. I say "poor Rochard" and after you watch the film you will see why. OMG just thinking about it all makes me want to giggle again!

Ms. Cary Grant? Oh dear!

I must say this is my favorite comedy that I have seen Grant in so far. He just made me laugh all the way through the film. What a great match Grant and Sheridan were as well. I have never seen her in a film before and I really like her work. I look forward to seeing more.

If you love Cary Grant and romantic comedies-you must see "I Was a Male War Bride". I mean just to see him in a dress is too funny to miss!!




  1. Ooh, I recorded this one a few months back but it didn't work and we missed it :( . Cary Grant is hubbys fave actor (we already have operation petticoat and father goose) so I will definitely have to find it for rental / buying somewhere after reading your review!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Maxine xx

  2. This has been on my netflix queue for an eternity and I still have not watched it! I think I will have to do that today! :)


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