Monday, February 20, 2012

Bunny's Book Club: Films of the Golden Age

While visiting Barnes and Noble yesterday I found the most amazing magazine ever! Seriously, I feel like this magazine was waiting for me! My husband pointed out a Doctor Who Magazine to me and right next to it was this one! Films of the Golden Age is like taking a peak into the times gone by. Not only is it well organized and well written but it includes loads of authentic photos from the past as well.

I walked around the store a bit until I was able to look through it. The more I did, the more I knew I HAD to have it! It only costs $4.95 and in Canada its $6.95. A yearly subscription is less than twenty dollars. I mean is that a deal or what!!?? Most specialty magazines like this one are very expensive like Fangoria and Doctor Who Magazine. Also, magazines in many ways have been phasing out and finding success as online magazine. I am sooo grateful to have found this magazine and now they have a dedicated reader!!!

Just look at some of these pages:

There are over 90 pages of stories, photos, and oodles of information to make any classic film fan just drool. I also love the fact that they advertise and have information about all sorts of films conventions and workshops. OMG this is sooooo up my alley!!! Ahhhhh I am sooo happy!

If you ever see this magazine in local store I highly recommend picking it up and buying it! Maybe one day I will include an issue in a giveaway-would you like that?



  1. Ummmmm OMG. I'm freaking out right along with you!! What a perfect find! I'm totally going to B&N this week to see if I can find a copy.

    I love that we have similar taste. :)

    And yes, I think including an issue would be an awesome giveaway. xo

  2. Ooooh, I'm going to have to subscribe to this magazine. It looks wonderful. Just an FYI, I found the publication online and ways to subscribe at I will be getting mine very soon! Thanks for letting us know about it!

  3. I know Jennifer-so happy we have so much in common-hugs!!!

    Omg seriously Crystal!1 Ahhhh must check that out now!!! Thank you! So happy you like it too! My pleasure-always happy to share with my readers!! xox


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