Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My first thrifted RED!

Gene Tierney

This past Saturday, I had the chance to drop by the thrift shop closest to my home once again (Martin Luther Thrift Store) and they had more items than the last time so I walked around and examined things. LOL

I ended up coming across a red zipper cardigan and I tried it on-I was wearing a sweater already so I knew that it wouldn't fit perfectly but it actually did with the sweater under and all. I counted the money I had and I only had $5.75 with me so I asked the lady if she would accept $5.00 for the sweater since it was priced at $6.00. Luck for me it was in the "half off" rack and it was $3.00 dollars!!! Whoaaaaa!

I have always loved the color red but always found it so bold and daring. In the urban parts of New York City red is often used by gang members and gang affiliates so I was turned off by that color for many years. I am not the type of person that needs to have oodles of needless attention on me so I don't like sticking out too much. Epecially since for many years I stuck out without wearing red.

Before my first major corrective surgery on my feet when I was thirteen, I walked completly on my toes. I knew I was different but I was super quiet and tried my best not to bring any more attention to myself. Now as a very proud mother of three I am willing to celebrate myself more openly and also I want to feel and look my best. I believe RED is one of the main colors that is for me. I think it looks great against my complexion and dark hair and eyes and now at my age I could care less if people are staring at me. Usually they look anyway because of my three beautiful babies (no I will not be modest lol), or that I am strolling a double stroller with a four year old, or because they think my boys are twins, and sometimes they stare because they think I am A LOT younger than they think I am and are just curious.

I get it. I am curious about people to. So although I own a red reproduction 1950's halter bathing suit (that I cannot wait to wear this summer), this cardigan is my very first piece of thrifted red for my vintage wardrobe. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this piece. I know that red is very popular and also very expensive in most cases (in the vintage world), but I am an incredibly determined person and I am determined to have some incredible red vintage pieces in my wardrobe one day! I cannot wait!

So what do you think? I love the knit pattern of it! It's made by "Charter Club" and like I said its not authentically vintage but it does have the vintage spirit. To be able to own an entire wardrobe that is totally vintage is every vintage girls dream, but the reality is that we all have various body types and some things are best to have handmade, some are best having them as a reproduction, and some are great if they have the spirit of vintage about them. In the end, as long as you have the vintage look, really who cares where it comes from! If you look good and feel good and didn't spend your mortgage on a dress than all is well.

This is just the beginning ladies and gents, just the beginning!



  1. Very pretty! I love it! It's similar to one that I found last weekend at that estate sale I went to (it's just like the pink one but red). Great bargains are a real joy!

  2. Wonderful!! I LOVE red! I have a red vintage inspired swimsuit too!!I find it hard NOT to buy red when I'm buying a vintage dress or any clothes, although mostly they are not true bright reds!! I must have spent the last 6 months looking for a red cardi in a thrift shop, but alas it is not yet to be!

    Maxine xx

  3. Vintage red. Sigh. So effing fabulous. ;)

  4. I think red is a perfect colour for you! (And I have just noticed that I haven't folowed you, though I thought I had! Bad me. But that's amended now)

  5. Heheh Yeah-thank you for becoming a follower!!! You made my day brighter!!!! xox


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