Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vintage Halloween Pinups of Yesteryear

Nancy Carroll, Movie Star~1920's-1930's

When I began my love affair with the past it never crossed my mind that pinup girls and actress alike, posed for holiday pinups for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc. Now that I have "discovered" them so to speak, I am not only intrigued on who modeled in them but also trying to find as many as I possibly can. They are all so unique and really a beautiful blend of fun, sexy, and glamorous. Please take notice that none of these women are naked, have their breasts exposed, their rear exposed, or in sexual positions. There is something to be said about a woman who can be fully dressed and yet be sexy and beautiful all at once. To be, that is the essence of being a pinup.

Lillian Wells, Model and Pinup Girl

Veronica Lake, 1940's icon and Pinup Girl

Ava Gardner, Movie Star and Sex Symbol

Bessie Love, Silent Screen Movie Star

There is a great page I found called Vintage Hollywood Halloween Pinups, there you can read more about these gorgeous pinups and also see more images of some famous Hollywood starlets in their best Halloween poses!

Below are some more beautiful vintage pinups from yesteryear. Unfortunately I do not know their names but their beauty and images will last forever!

I decided to add to my Bucket List, vintage holiday themed photo shoots. These photos are so inspirational that doing one of these would be another dream come true for me. Which of these photos do you think is the one I want to remake?

I hope these photos inspire you as much as they have me. There is so much beauty in all of us, capturing it on film is great gift to ourselves. I highly encourage you to do something like this (doesn't have to be Halloween related) for yourself!



  1. Daff, that would be so much fun!!! If I ever lose the over-sized bagels off my butt (and I'm out of nursing school working so I can afford it) I'm doing it with you.


  2. Haha Jess youre too much! I dont think I will lose mine-they are here to stay heheheh That would be so cool-you really need to do pinup-its so much fun to get all dolled up and pose-put that on your to-do list after school finishes!!!! HUGS!

  3. Love the 2 first pictures with the shadows!!!


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