Thursday, October 6, 2011

And the Blogger Award Goes To....

Blogging is a an amazing outlet. You can be creative, you can teach, it can be theraputic, and even supplement incomes! What I like most about blogging is connecting to other people. In the past fews months as I have emerged myself in the Blog World, I have discovered some amazing new/old blogs that I though you might find as interesting as I do.

Without further ado...the Blogger award goes to......

The Harlow Blogger Award goes to the Young Vintage Girl, who at just sixteen years old has really emersed herself into the Vintage Lifestyle as well as the wonderful world of Classic Film. Now thats my kind of girl! She's super sweet and you can't help but be impressed that she is looking beyond herself, beyond her age, and find ways to celebrate and learn about the past. I hope she inspires more young people to do the same-I know she inspires me!

The Loveliest Blogger Award goes to Bombshell Bettie's Vintage. She is a sweetheart and I truly enjoy her blog. She is now expecting her first baby and she is thrilled by it all. She has an awesome Etsy Store where she sells beautiful vintage pieces. Help a mama-to-be out and check out her store!

The Pinup Mama Blogger Award goes to Vintage Mommy, Va-Voom Vintage, and She Wears Spectacles, for balancing the wonderful world of motherhood with their passion for all things vintage!

The Best Bow Tie Blogger Award goes to my friend Jeff who is the blogger of The Craft of Fatherhood. We have been good friends since our college days and Jeff in now a full-time teacher, husband, and super-daddy of three gorgeous little boys. In case you were wondering, yes he does wear bow ties all the time. Why? Because as the Doctor (Who) always says, "Bow ties are cool!" and so is my friend! Check out his blog-he is a fabulous writer and incredibly passionate about his life!!

Hope you enjoyed reading about all of these amazing blogs! It was such fun making these awards and giving them out! Congrats to all the winners!!



  1. thank you!!! Just blogged about it! :) x

  2. Oh My that was so touching! Thank you oh so Much! And may I say that you really inspire me also! Your Great!:)

  3. It was my pleasure-so happy I started my blog-it gave me a chance to know get girls such as yourselves!! xox

  4. I'm finally getting a chance to step away from the classroom - and say a much belated THANK YOU! for the acknowledgement. I'm very humbled for the recognition and continue to hope my thoughts and musings are helpful to parents. XOXOXO

  5. My pleasure my friend. And your posts are-love reading them!! xox


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