Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Costumes Through the Years

My brother and I and a friend (1980)

I have been blogging about Halloween of the distant I thought why not take a stroll of my own down Halloween memory lane. Halloween happens to be one of my favorite holidays. I have been dressing up since I was a child (thanks to mom and dad) and then as an adult I continued the tradition after the birth of my first nephew, Devin, who was born on Halloween 1993. This year he will be eighteen years old. Amazing, truly, how quickly time slips through our fingers. *sigh*

One of my favorite costumes was when I think I was five years old and my mama dressed me up as Carmen Miranda. Yes! THE Carmen Miranda, the lady with the fruit on her head! I have a picture of me but I have to look for others. My mama has her arms around me and she visibly  has her thyroids swollen. I often wonder if that was a prelude to her illness. But alas, one day I will find another one and scan and share *smile* I must admit I was darn cute with that fruit on my head-mama did an amazing job!

At eighteen years old with my nephew, Devin (1994)
I dressed up as a little girl-hair clips were from when
I was a baby. I even went to school dressed like this!

Unfortunately, I don't recall all my childhood costumes but I do remember dressing up as Wonder Woman and Strawberry Shortcake--my costumes were the Ben Cooper ones I mentioned before. Gosh-I just now remember how hot it was under those masks and how refreshing it was to take them off and be able to breathe normally LOL

As an adult I often dressed up for my nephews birthday parties. I dressed up as a punk rock chick with a pink/black wig (that one was fun!), I was a black cat with a mask and a tail pinned on my tush, and once I dressed as an Indian Princess in a yellow/red Sari.

Most recently I only dressed up three times. In 2006 I was Morticia Adams and of course my hubby was Gomez. This was right before we became pregnant with our lil Bunny girl. After her birth I dressed up as a mama Bunny with the ears and a bushy tail again pinned to my tush. She was a a baby Bunny for her first Halloween, but of course! LOL

The last time was in 2008, I dressed up as Raggedy Ann and she was my mini me. I was pregnant with my first son and we went to Disney in Florida during the Halloween season. I have to say it was fantastic and I cannot wait to take all three of the kids and of course we will all dress up together!
                                                         My lil Bunny and Mama (2008)

It was so neat to dress up with my girl. We turned heads everywhere we went! This year I won't dress up but I really want to get back into the fun of it all. I know my children love doing it and how neat will it be for them to see mama having fun dressing up and playing pretend as well. Our lives are all stressful and we all have a million worries in our heads--dressing up for Halloween is a nice was to relax and have some silly fun!

Happy to have shared my pictures with you! What will you be for Halloween??


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