Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Find your niche!

Vintage Pinup doing Cheesecake Modeling

The Pin-up girl was first created in the late 1800's and still continues to this very day. The term was first used in the English language in 1941. It has a long and rich history and has never truly lost its popularity. Today, it is more popular than ever, for many reasons. Some people want to celebrate and emulate the early part of the 20th Century, while others simply love the hair and style of the decades past.

Whatever the reason is, pinup photography and modeling is very popular. Many styles of pinup modeling have emerged through the years from the standard Cheesecake and Hollywood  pinups to Modern, Alternative, Rockabilly, Rockachola, Chola, Tiki, Retro (which I assume means Vintage), and a few others I may have forgotten about. The point is that there are divisions within divisions and nowadays you have girls who are doing classic pinup poses with hot pink hair and piercings all over their face. Nothing wrong with that but just trying to create an image of your mind on how much it has evolved through the years.

Modern Pinup doing Cheesecake Modeling

What I admire about girls who do Modern Pinup modeling is that they embrace the past and with their tattoo's and piercings, while celebrating the joy and beauty of doing Vintage-inspired pin-up work. I think its fantastic!

The more I get into this industry the more I have realized just how many women/girls are out there doing pinup. With that being said I truly believe that if you really want to make your mark in the pinup world you should perfect and specialize in one form of pinup modeling. I do think it is both fun and important to try as many different forms of pinup as possible to not only learn but also to try new things. But if you want to STAND OUT from the rest, perfect one style and make it your own.

I have heard some people make comments about not wanting to be confined to one form of modeling over another. I have to disagree. I think its vital to learning to try out and experiment with different styles of pinup modeling  but if you want to be seen and known it would be wise to immerse yourself into Cheesecake or Alternative or Vintage modeling--whichever one you love the most and suits you the best.

The models that are well-known in the industry are known for one specific style-whether its 1950's Rockabilly, early 1960's Jayne Mansfield inspired, or latex fetish; they are all known specifically for a certain type of genre of pinup/modeling. I won't name names because this post isn't about promoting those models but if you are in the industry I am sure you know who I am talking about.

Basically, what I have learned and it can be applied to anything you are aspiring to be----if you want to be known, to be the best, or to leave your mark somewhere----be the BEST that you can be in what you are doing. You don't have to show the world your goodies to do so either, you can do it without compromising your values or beliefs.

So go out there---if you want to be a pinup model then do it and when you find your niche celebrate it and make it your own!


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