Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On the Mamafront!

It's been a long time since I have shared anything mama-related so I figure now is as good of a time as any. *smile* People often ask me, "how do you do it?", I assume they mean with three babies and a husband who works two full-time jobs. Honestly I look at some other mothers and I say the exact same do they do it?

I think each mama has her own story and her own way of sorting through the problems and the challenges of day-to-day living. Mamas who work outside of the home have different challenges than mamas who work inside the home. But in the end we are all mamas. And whether we have one baby or many, we are all tired, busy, and struggling to be a better mother tomorrow than we were today.

My mama world has been busy as always. My four year old is loving school but still finding it difficult to listen properly. Its something I know I will be working on with her for the rest of her life and mine as well. Its just who she is. My two year old takes off his clothes and diapers every chance he gets. His obession with mix matched socks is still alive and well. My almost one year old has four teeth coming in at the top and having difficulties with the "potty" ever since we switched him to milk. So needless to say I have been super busy.

Sometimes I wonder how am I going to get a blog done or work on the baby's birthday party or will I ever get back into scrapbooking, but you know what I do? Honestly its all one day at a time. Sometimes its one hour at a time. Yes, sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind but I tap into my inner dialouge with myself and I get myself through it most days.

And like most mamas I have my ever growing and always changing to-do lists. Writing down my lists actually helps me remember things. I think being a busy mama you have to not only have a routine with your children but also get things accomplished when you can the best you can. For example, I am making a few things for my papito's first birthday party. I have to be craftier and more creative than ever but I have almost no time. Sleep is precious to me and I know that if I don't tend to myself I cannot keep going and doing for them. His party is less than two weeks away but I know I will get it done. How do I know? Its simply because I say I am.

I think my lists, my focus, and my determination get me through the small and big challenges. Like right now I have a screaming and crying baby who refuses to sleep on his own. I hope it is the teething and growing pains but nevertheless, mama duty calls. And now I must end my blog post LOL Hope those of you who are mamas remember that to keep your sanity you really need to just take it one day at a time. The rest really does fall into place!



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